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Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 - semi auto

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Caliber - .380

Price -399.00 per Smith and Wesson's website but I haven't seen them for that price around here.

Barrel length -2.75 inches

Weight - 11.85 ounces

Capacity - 6 +1

Action type - Double action only


 I had done quite a bit of reading and research about the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380.  There was a lot of noise out there about it before it was even released.  I will be honest up front from what I had read on it I really couldn't say it made me want one.

Then one day one of the ladies that came to one of my classes had a Bodyguard with a laser.  It was a brand new gun and she had never even fired it yet.  She had come to me to learn basic handgun skills and I usually prefer to use a gun that is not brand new that may have some of those "new gun" issues.  We did not use her gun to learn with that day but rather my Kel Tec that is well broken in.

After some initial classes we decided it was time to break in her gun.  We went to the range with 100 rounds that day.  We went through the whole pre-shooting preparations and then I told her to "Fire at will".  I waited and waited but nothing happened.  I saw her hand on the trigger and I saw her making faces as she attempted to pull the trigger.

Finally she turned and looked at me and said it won't fire.  Did I do something wrong.  I checked the gun to see if the safety was on but it was not.  I then attempted to pull the trigger myself and thought I had pulled the trigger as far as it would go and still nothing.  Then finally I continued to pull even when I thought it had gone all the way and finally "BANG"!

The Bodyguard has and extremely long and hard trigger pull.  We finally got it so she had fired the gun several times.  In just firing the first 6 rounds we had 3 jams.  Now understand this was a brand new gun and she was using some cheap Russian ammunition.  Cheap ammunition is fine with some guns but other just will not tolerate it.  I told her next time to try some better ammunition to see what happens. 

We took the gun to the range several times after that and it did do better with the jamming by changing the ammunition but there was still the constant difficulty with the trigger.  Another issue with the trigger is you have to completely allow the trigger to release and reset after each firing.  This is not as easy as it seems unless you completely take your finger off the trigger in between firing.  I don't care for this design but I believe it was done with safety in mind. 

A positive aspect of the Bodyguard is the light weight and the compact size that have a nice fit in a small to medium sized hand.  The size and weight make it great for concealed carry.  It easily fits into PDA style holsters or is easily holstered inside the waist.   It also has good placement of the trigger release and safety.  Both are easily reached and manipulated with a simple flick of your thumb.

I personally just do not care for the awkward trigger pull on the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 and I sure would not want to put my life on the line with it either. 

We have continued to take the Bodyguard to the range to keep working with this ladies skills and to break her gun in.  The trigger pull remains and issue but the reliability as to the jamming has greatly improved.



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