Gun Reviews By Gals for Gals - North American Arms 1860 Sheriff 22 Mag

Gun Reviews By Gals For Gals - North American Arms 1860 Sheriff 


Type - Handgun

Style - revolver

Make - North American Arms

Model - 1860 Sheriff 2.5 inch barrel

Magazine - NA

Rounds - 5

caliber 22 Magnum

Purchase price 100 with trade in - New  (My friend bought one new with 2 cylinders for 349.00)


I had been talking about buying a small revolver for quite some time.  Initially I was thinking about a 22 long rifle revolver.  Something just for fun and plinking but then 22 long rifle ammo go so hard to find and expensive that I set my mind to a 22 magnum.  The day I bought this gun I had set out to purchase the Heritage Rough Rider.  The first place I stopped was a big pawn shop in the next town over.  They usually have a pretty good selection of new and used guns and you can wheel and deal with them a little more than a regular gun store.  I had that pink Taurus PT738 that I never cared for so I decided to trade it for another gun that I would hopefully like.  I looked at several revolvers to include the Heritage Rough Rider but then I saw this little beauty with it's stainless steal matt finish.  That was all she wrote.  I picked it up and feigned disregard so I could negotiate the price of it and my trade in.  I waited to mention a trade in until after the price was negotiated.  The price went from 250.00 to 200.00 and then we negotiated for the TCP738.  One hundred dollars was negotiated for the TCP and my out the door price for the Sheriff was 100.00.

Here's the specifics  :

Barrel length - 2.5 inches

Overall length - 6.31 inches

Overall width - .94 inches

weight - 7.7 oz unloaded


Okay let's get down to the nitty gritty.  What do I like, love and dislike about this pistol?


Likes -


I like the size of this revolver.  I really really like the size of this revolver.  I like the weight in respect to the size.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that for a Mini Magnum the stainless steal makes it feel like a real gun.

I like the prominently raised front sight.  It's a simple stainless steel post but it's big enough to see and find eve with the rail type rear sight.

I like that there is an option for a cylinder conversion for 22 LR.  I didn't get the one with this option but they are available. 


Loves - 

I love the look and feel of the rosewood handles.  They feel good and they look awesome!   I love the weight of the gun loaded and unloaded.  I love that it has a cylinder safety.  That's and unusual and nice feature.

I love how well balanced the Sheriff is.  You can extend two of your fingers and set the gun on them and it will sit there because it is so well balanced from front to back.  It's a light weight gun so it doesn't make that much difference as if it were a bigger hand gun but it is still nice to know that when you point it at a target you don't have to compensate for the front or back being too heavy.  That is one of those things that just makes shooting a gun more pleasant.

I love how quick and easy it assembles and disassembles (well as assembly goes for a revolver).  





Another thing I love about this revolver is the trigger.  That is one thing I love about it that my husband hates about it.  The trigger is very, very small and it's not a heavy or long trigger pull.  By the trigger being so small and almost recessed you don't have to worry about accidently pulling the trigger


Dislikes - 


I can't really say there is a dislike on this revolver but if I was going to pick one thing it would be having to remove the whole cylinder to load it.  The reason I say it's not a dislike is because it is and 1860 sheriff replica and that's how they operated.  I was aware of the cylinder situation and I would say I still like it better then those that the cylinder does not come out at all and you have to do a single load.  Each era of revolvers had there own pluses and minuses but I will definitely take the total cylinder removal over some other version out there.  So if you are looking at this gun be away of how the cylinder works and you will absolutely love it.

The only other thing I would say is a drawback to this gun is the holster selection.  There just aren't a lot of options out there.  Even North American Arms has a limited selection.  I am actually thinking of having one made for mine because I'm just not excited about what is being offered out there.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this is an absolutely awesome gun.  It's small.  It's well made.  It's easy to conceal.  It's shoots really well.  Even at full price with no trade in it's a pretty good buy because it's super well made with nice detailing for less than 400.00.  If you are looking for a super small, slightly powerful backup gun this may just be the gun for you.








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