Gun Reviews By Gals for Gals - RG Model 38 S 38 Special At The Range

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RG Model 38S 38 Special

Rohm GMBH Sontheim BRZ

Caliber - 38

Barrel length –  4"

I haven't taken my RG 38S to the range in a while so I figured I would challenge Ronnie to a 6-shooter shoot off.  Okay so one of them was a 5 shooter and not a 6-shooter (the SP101).

Let me tell you it was a blast.  We took the RG 38 S, the Ruger GP100, the Ruger SP101 and the Smith and Wesson 44 Mag.  I had intended to change out targets each time we changed guns but the range was too busy that day to accomodate us going down range that many times.  What I did instead was encircle and mark the shots from each gun.

The rules of the shoot off were to be:  shots at 5-yards, declare where on the target your mark was and then speed.

I considered myself the winner of the shoot off simply because Ronnie did not conform with stating where he intended to fire the shots of each gun prior to shooting them.  He just kind of bunched them all up in an effort to shoot faster than me.  So, I won!

Since it had been a while since I shot only revolvers I had to get those first shots off and readjust to the double-action trigger on the revolvers.  With the exception of the Ruger SP101 which I can not shoot double action for some due to the trigger pull on that gun. 

As usual my groupings were not the best but they were all in the vicinity of where I had declared they would hit and I had no missing shots like some people........Ronnie..........did. 

The RG 38 S 38 Special performed pretty well as it has in the past.  The shots actually grouped better with the RG38 than the other guns I fired. 

I fired 50 rounds with the RG 38S 38 Special that day and did not have a single problem with the gun.  I will say the gun gets hot after about 20 continuous rounds which I believe is due to the cheap metal used to make it.  I had not misfires or any other problems with the gun.  We used Remington 38 Special ammunition in this gun and all others that I fired that day.  I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but you should not under any circumstances shoot any +p in this gun.  It is not made for +p ammunition.

Below are the pictures of the results of the shoot off -

My full target.

RG 38S 38 Special - First shot went a little high and right but that was me and the

double action.

Me Shooting the RG 38S


Ronnie's Target -

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