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RG Model 38S 38 Special

Rohm GMBH Sontheim BRZ

Caliber - 38

Barrel length –  4"

Weight -

RG or Rohm GMBH Sontheim is not really known for the quality of their guns but they did make a few models that were found to be reliable and even fun.  The RG 38 Special Model 38S revolver is one of those.  This particular revolver was made in 1975 and is in remarkably good but used condition.

While I have found a lot of negative information on the web about RG guns I believe some of that information is really another symptom of gun snobbery. These guns were produced cheaply by the manufacturer from Germany until sometime in the mid to late 70's from what I have gathered.  They were then no longer imported and were produced in Florida. 

The Rohm GMBH or RG guns are said to be made from melted down pot metal, again I believe this to be a rumor started by gun snobs.  Look I like a nice, pricey gun as well as the next person but I will tell you that most people that talk the most trash about these guns simply have never even fired one.  I believe alot of the reputation is gleaned from hear-say.  I do understand that they did have some particularly bad models when they started coming from Florida.

If you look hard enough there are many people on the web that will contradict the bad feedback of the RG revolvers.  People that give the RG's a good review are always people that have owned one or currently own an RG revolver.  Again, I am not saying these guns are not cheap or that they are a collectors item.  They are not.  They are simply and inexpensive gun that, from what I have seen and handled myself, seem to shoot accurately and reliably.  There are no bells or whistles just a plain rather heavy revolver for it's size.  I speak only of the RG models that I have fired and tested for myself and that includes the RG 38S and the RG Model 66 cowboy style. 

I have now gotten to the point that I would like to test every model of RG I can get my hands on just so that I can post actual results by actual users.  Even my husband after firing this gun said he thought it fired really accurately.  We just purchased the gun so we haven't done anything with it other than give it a good cleaning.

Between my husband and myself we have put about hundred rounds through the RG 38S revolver with not  an issue.  It is easy to clean and easy to fire.  It has a really long trigger pull due to the fact that there is no safety but the trigger pulls easy and I do not believe exceeded 5 pounds of pressure.  The revolver is a little on the heavy side but not so heavy I couldn't shoot it one handed.  It very nicely fit my hand without excessive reach to the trigger and the grips where really a prefect size for my hand.  Although I will say it took me a few shots to get accustomed to the long trigger pull.  (What can I say I am spoiled by my CZ 82)

The extractor is smooth and easy to use.  Unlike the RG Model 66 the cylinder flips out to the left for full extraction and does not have the bothersome "loading gate" and a solid frame so you have to load and extract one bullet at a time. 

Our accuracy test consisted of shooting metal pie tins at a range of roughly 7 yards  Initially I thought the RG 38S was firing high when I realized my target acquisition was rather low and therefore I needed to go low.  When I adjusted myself for the first 10 rounds and then the target for the 2ND 10 rounds I managed to achieve decent shot groups of within 3 to 4 inches.  For a "cheap" revolver I found the accuracy to be very decent.  All in all we fired about 100 rounds through the RG 38S without a single failure.  Quite surprising for a revolver made by a maker with such a horrible reputation.

Another thing I found admirable about this inexpensive revolver was the recoil which was hardly even existent.  It had a lively muzzle flash for sure, we were firing at dust, but the recoil was negligent.  I will continue to test this RG revolver and other that I can get ahold of and keep you posted.

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