Gun Reviews By Gals for Gals - Taurus PT111 Millenium G2

Gun Reviews By Gals For Gals - Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 


Type - Handgun

Style - Semi-automatic

Make - Taurus

Model - PT111 Millennium G2 (M G2)

Magazine - double stack

Rounds - 12

caliber 9 mm

Purchase price 199.00 - New


I had not intended to purchase this gun but it was given to me as a Mother's day gift from my Son and Duaghter-in-law.  How can you say no to something that nice?  Let's take a look at some of the features of the PT111 M G2.

The Taurus Millennium G2 is a single action/double action handgun.  It is a default single action but upon misfire it defaults to double action.

Here's the specifics  :

Barrel length - 3.2 inches

Overall length - 6.2 inches

Overall height - 5.1 inches

Overall width - 1.2 inches

Trigger pull - 5 -9 lbf

weight - 20.8 oz

MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail

Okay let's get down to the nitty gritty.  What do I like, love and dislike about this pistol?


Likes -


I like the size of this handgun.  It just feels like it was made for my hands.  The pistol grip is the perfect size for my hand.

I also like the roughed up areas on the grips that give it a nice firm hold when you are shooting.

I like the weight.  It's not super slim, so yeah, it's a little bulkier for carry but at 1.2 inches wide it's pretty slim for a 9 mm.  

I like that the magazine is 12 rounds.  If I have a bad day, or panic, I have a few extra tries to hit center target.

I like that it came with two magazines so if I have a really bad day then I have 25 tries to hit center target.  12 in the first magazine plus one in the chamber and 12 in the second mag.

Another nice feature of Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 is the ease of field stripping.  It breaks down in seconds with two simple steps.  The instructions on break down are misleading but the actual break down is very simple.  After I figured out how it broke down (without the help of the instructions due to crucial information being omitted ) I was able to repeatedly break it down in seconds.  Simply pull the slide back with one hand until you hear a click (instructions say about 1/8 inch but it's more), engage the slide release, pull the trigger and the slide easily slides off like butter; so be sure to do this over the table with something that will cushion the slide when it lands the first time.  When reassembling the weapon it's all about smooth action.  Slide the slide quickly and firmly to the rear until you hear a click and pull the trigger.  WHAM! it's assembled again.  It just doesn't get much easier than that.


Loves - 

I absolutely love the balance of this weapon.  It is so well balanced it will literally stand on it's own.  For such an inexpensive gun I can not believe how well balanced it it.  When you aim it you do not have to struggle to keep the barrel straight.

The sights on this weapon are great!  They are ajustable 3 dot sights that are made noticeable by their size and brightness of the white. The adjustable sights were right on target straight from the box. ( with the help of my "expert" shooting LOL but they didn't require adjustment).  





Dislikes - 

Number one dislike is the trigger safety - I realize this is a very personal thing but the fact of the matter is you better get a lot of practice with this weapon before you ever even concider carrying it on you.  I took it to our personal range as quickly as I could get it out of the box and get it loaded.  I happily pointed it at the target and pulled the trigger....and...nothing!  I pulled and pulled and nothing.  I thought for a minute I had a defective gun but then I released the trigger and gave it one more pull with all the might I could muster and BAM!  It fired.  Thank goodness I am very good about keeping my weapon pointed down range.....

I released the trigger and tried it again and again.  Many of the times I attempted I did not achieve weapon discharge.  I was about to just say I didn't like the gun but I saw the expectant look on my son's face and thought,  "I can make it work".  So I worked at the trigger pull through an entire box of ammo and got better.  Then the next day I marched right back down to our range with plenty of ammo, both magazines and my mind set to get control of this trigger.  

About 10 rounds into the second box of ammo I had the trigger down.  Once you get control of the trigger the weapon is spot on.  I was able to easily fire of the next 40 rounds with the knowledge that the trigger pull is long and heavy due to the safety.  If you do not smoothly and fully commit to the pull of the trigger, you have to release it and let it reset then make the commitment.

I believe in safety.  I have always believed that my brain and my trigger finger are the safety.  Keep my finger off the trigger if I don't mean to shoot it.  If I don't mean for another person to shoot it then I shouldn't allow it to get in their hands.  That is gun safety.  This Taurus has a safety on the safety.  There is a manual safety, a trigger safety and finally the Taurus security system that uses the little hex key (Which is actually a firing pin safety).  If you had all those safety features engaged at one time and you "needed" your gun now you would be in a world of hurt.


Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I like this gun.  Now that I have mastered the trigger I really like this gun.  I won't use all the safeties because I figure between the trigger safety and my trigger finger that is more than enough safety for me.  I highly recommend that if you choose this gun you dedicate the time to lean this trigger pull and manipulation of the trigger safety before you ever consider carrying it or depending on it for any type of defense.  Once you master the trigger you will find this is one heck of a gun for the money!  Plenty of BANG! for your buck.







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