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The definition of gun review as pertaining to these pages means Christine's opinion of the particular firearm  being reviewed

Caliber - .32 ACP

Type -  Semi-Auto

Price - 235.00 including tax and 1 box of ammo thrown in

Barrel length -  2.7 inces

Weight - Less than 9.5 ounces fully loaded

Maximum capacity - 7 + 1 rounds

The Kel-Tec P-32 is one great little gun.  The one that I have right now is actually my Son's but he could not take it with him on his current tour so he left it in my possession. 

Kel-Tec's are known for their quality and you will find alot of reviews on the net praising the P-32 and they would be correct.  What most of them do not tell you is that this is really a great little conceal gun for gals.  Both the weight and the size make it the perfect gun to conceal.  You can in-the-pants conceal it or even drop it in your purse without hardly noticing the difference.  Let's face it we gals usually have all kinds of stuff in our purses that weigh more than this gun.

I kid you not, this gun is so light that I even wear it when I am at my volunteer exercise class.  Not that I think I will need it in the nursing home but I do not like to leave my gun in the car even a locked car.  You just never know what will happen these days. 

Another great feature of the P-32's small size is that it is easy to handle for a gal of average size.  I will admit I have seen it in the hands of some larger men and it is pretty funny looking.  But in the hands of a woman it is great. 

Don't look for a safety on this gun because there isn't one.  It does however had a 5 pound trigger and really couldn't go off accidentally with such a long trigger pull too.  There is also what is called a mechanical safety in a hammer block.  After firing the hammer block holds the hammer away from the firing pin thus providing a mechanical safety. 

I will tell you that when firing this gun you will be surprised by the power it packs.  I wouldn't call it bad recoil but I would say it is a powerful gun that surprises you because of it's light weight and small stature.

It amazes me how accurate the P-32 is with such a short barrel.  It has something to do with the new technology they used in making it but I will leave that to the technical talk pages of Kel-Tec's site.  I will just tell you that I like the accuracy much better than that of my .22 and definitely like that ammo is more substantial than the .22. 

It is really easy to load and very simple to fire.  It does have a strong slide that takes a little to get used to but that is not a problem.  The first time I took it apart to clean it I complained but I always do that because nothing is as easy to breakdown as my CZ-82.  It really wasn't hard at all just a little more than my CZ and I am spoiled.  It is definitely nowhere near as bad as that silly HP22A of mine. 

I do believe that when my son comes to retrieve his gun I will have to purchase a replacement because I have become so used to the convenience of this gun.  Gals I tell you, you can carry this gun wearing almost anything.  Okay maybe not a bikini but pretty much anything else.


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