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Caliber - .22 Long Rifle

Type -  Semi-Auto

Price - 309.00 including tax

Barrel length -  3.5 inces

Maximum capacity - 10 + 1 rounds

I hadn't really heard much about the Ruger SR22 before the day I came across one and decided to buy it.  I set out that day to purchase a Sig Saur Mosquito .22LR.  It was shortly after all this gun ban talk had started and I quickly realized just how much the "gun ban" scare had affected the gun market.  I went from gun shop to gun shop and found their selection of any semi-autos to be slim to say the least.  I did find a Mosquito at a couple of shops but the prices had gone up on them and for what it was I just really didn't want to pay that. 

I like the way the Mosquito shoots but I have to admit I am not all that fond of how it breaks down to clean.  So when the prices went up....well the Mosquito just wasn't as appealing to me anymore.   (but that's a whole other review)

I decided to make one last stop to look at .22 LRs in general and that stop would be my favorite little  hometown shop - J.T. Sports.  It was there the owner, Jean, pulled out the SR22 and said I had to see it.  She said they had just gotten them in and there were two of them, one with a threaded barrel and one without.  The price difference was just enough to make me decide to closely inspect the one without the threaded barrel.  Couldn't see myself really needing the threaded barrel at this point.  I just wanted a .22LR again because I had given my little Pheonix Arms away and I really missed having a .22 pistol to plink with.  

I didn't want to just buy a gun that I knew relatively nothing about.  I trusted Jean but everyone looks for something different in a gun so I decided to do some checking on it.

What I found and what I really really liked about this gun was the fact that it breaks down for field stripping in literally seconds.  It is amazingly fast to field strip.  I have only had one other gun that breaks down this fast and that is the CZ-82.

I decided to make the purchase and I have not regreted it at all.

When I hold this gun it feels like a gun of a larger caliber.  It doesn't feel like a toy.  It has the weight and size similar to my other guns so when I train with it then it is more like using one of my other guns.  Well except for the fact that it doesn't really have any recoil becuase of the caliber. 

Some stand out features of this little gun are :

The Sights - The bright white dot sights on this gun are awesome.  They are easy to line up and pick up so you waist very little time getting your sight picture and more time actually hitting your target.

The Hand Grips - It comes with 2 hand grips.  A smaller and a larger.  This is great so  you can decide which grip works best for you.  They are easy to switch out with no tools required.  This is also handy should one of your grips get damaged you will have a spare.

The Magazine tips - The gun comes with additional magazine tips so  you can chose to have a flush magazine grip or one with the

Picitinny Rail - Great for addition of tactical lights or laser.

Ambidextrious Safety and Mag release - A truely ambidextrious gun

Two Magazine - It comes stock with 2-ten round magazines.

Pistol case - it comes with a nice soft sided pistol case for storage to protect your Ruger

Safety - Trigger disengages when no magazine in and when safety is on.  No accidents caused by "thinking" the gun was unloaded.  If there is still one in the chamber when the magazine is removed the trigger is disengaged.  Awesome little feature.

Field Stripping - It's super fast and super easy.

It Shoots Great!  Nothing more needs to be said about that.  This gun is more than I expected it to be.  It is fun to shoot.  The slide moves like it is buttered so it is fast and easy to rack.  Everything moves great which speaks volumes for the machining of this gun.  The barrel length is long enough to let you easily hit your target.  The sights make it easy to do and it is a blast to shoot.

Take this gun out and shoot some steel targets and you can amuse yourself for quite a while.

So bottom line - was there anything I did not like about this gun?  After shooting several hundred rounds through it I have to say no.  It fired every time and even with the cheapest ammo it just kept on firing. 

To see our video review of  the Ruger SR22


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