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The definition of gun review as pertains to these pages means Christine's opinion of the particular firearm being "reviewed".

Phoenix Arms HP22A

 Caliber - .22 long rifle

Price – 179.00 (what I paid at a gun show out the door I have seen them for much less)

Weight with full magazine – 1 pound 6 ounces (give or take 1/8 ounce)

Barrel length – 3”

Magazine capacity – 10 rounds

Ease of assembly and disassembly - poor.

(Shown with extended magazine, not standard with purchase)

The first thing I will say about this gun is that it is probably the safest gun I have ever owned.  It has a safety on the safety of the safety.  This is good for carrying but bad if you ever need to use it. 

The reason I say it is bad to have too many safeties is because if you need to draw and you have all the safeties on, you would probably get shot before you got them all off.

Now let’s review.  The HP22A has 2 safeties, which I love, when I have my gun stored and am carrying another gun.  The first safety is the trigger safety, the second safety is the firing pin safety.

You do not have to have all the safeties on if you do not chose to. You can have the firing pin safety on and leave the trigger safety off or visa-versa. I usually have the trigger safety on and the firing pin safety off when I am carrying.

I rated this gun as poor when it came to assembly and reassembly because I have several guns and none of them are as difficult to reassemble as this gun.  It is not really rocket sience but it is just aggrivating how it is designed and in my opinion takes too many steps to get that dang barrel back on.  Search Youtube and you will find several videos on how to reassemble the HP22A which tells you people felt like other people would need help too after they figured it out.

This gun is made pretty sturdy and has been dropped out at the range multiple times while running practice drills but does not have a single scratch on it. (mine is the black on black)

The size makes it nice for concealed carry but I find it just a little heavy for inside the pants wear. It is small enough it fits in the center pocket of my purse with no problems. I have a winter coat that is a work style coat with a good size inside pocket (Tractor Supply, CE Schmidt, version of the Carhart coat). My little HP22A fits nicely in that pocket and because of the sturdy construction of the coat the coat does not go lopsided on me.

I do wear my HP22A concealed in the back inside of my pants but have found it to be a little too thick for that position for long periods of time. I also have an outside the pants holster for it so when I am working in the yard etc and it is quite comfortable in that manner.

Due to the short barrel the gun is accurate at a short distance. I do not care for the accuracy over 15 yards or even at 15 yards. Target shooting from the 5 yard line is pretty good. I don’t do 3 round shot groups unless I am zeroing a rifle so I will compare it to the full body target that I use for practice. At 5 yards, on a full body target, this gun will accurately hit the head every time properly aimed and center body mass hits can be made without question.

This gun as with several of my other small barrel, small caliber guns are good for concealed carry and for close encounters of the uncomfortable kind. I would not depend on it for any protection that is not up-close and personal.

The dependability of the gun completely depends on the ammunition. I can use cheap ammunition such as Federal value pack with no problem. However when I purchases some old new stock at a gun show and used that in the gun, it jammed and stove piped every few shots. As long as I keep shiny new ammo in it, it will fire without issue every time. I would consider this gun very dependable when loaded with dependable ammo.

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