Gun Reviews By Gals for Gals - CZ 82 Makarov

 CZ 82 Semi-Automatic Double Action
The definition of gun review as pertaining to these pages means Christine’s opinion of the particular firearm being “reviewed”.

Caliber - 9 MM (9 X 18 Makarov)

Price – 236.00 (from a local pawn shop)

Barrel length – 3.8"

Weight - 32.5 ounces loaded

Maximum capacity – 12 rounds

 The CZ 82 was my first pistol and it is still my favorite pistol.  The CZ 82 is a Czech military and police pistol.  The CZ 83 is the civilian version but I have never fired or tested that version.

I love the feel and weight of my CZ.  It actually feels substantial, not heavy just solid.  The accuracy is also to be applauded for this handgun.  The sights are fixed and very accurate.

The safety is ambidextrous as is the magazine release.  You can safely chamber a round and easily place the safety on with the motion of only your thumb, either thumb.  As a matter of fact, the only way to put the safety on is to have a round chambered. 

The reliability of the CZ 82 is remarkable.  I have fired thousands of rounds through this previously used gun and have never experienced a misfire, not once.

The break down and assembly on the gun is also commendable.  It literally takes less than a minute to break the gun down if you are in a hurry and takes that long or less to put it back together. 

The only complaint I would have is not about the actual gun or mechanism but the magazine.  The magazine springs are so tough it is hard to load the magazine to full capacity.  Heck, it is even difficult loading to any capacity.  I purchased extra magazines that are not after market but also original CZ and they are just as difficult to load.  I have considered getting a speed loader for it.  I just make sure I always have at least two 12 round magazines full.  If I can't hit it in 24 rounds than I should probably holster my gun and go home.

All guns should be made as well as the CZ 82 with dependability and reliability set to it's standard.  There are a lot of really positive reviews on this gun out there but I am sure there are some gun snobs out there that would say it is ugly or have some other remark to make.  Accuracy and dependability rule for me.


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