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Mamma got a six shooter

Today was another beautiful spring day in Texas.  It was so beautiful I thought Mom and I should shoot some targets so she can practice with her new little six shooter revolver.

 Mamma's got a 6 shooter

Her revolver is not actually new, just new to her.  It is a RG Model 66 German revolver.  RG's are not known for quality but the model 66 is one of their better quality and this little revolver is not a bad little gun at all.  I actually prefer it's accuracy over that of my HP22A.

Mom is getting better at hitting the little swinging targets with each try.  Today I had her run a few drills to practice shooting while being on the move to a safer location.

I have to say I was pretty proud of my little six-shootin' Mamma today with her gun.




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