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A Bang Up Day At The Gun Range

The last two days have been really bang-up great.  There is almost nothing more fun than going to the range and just shooting off some rounds with the girls and having some fun.  Almost...............

What is more fun is going to the range with a friend that has previously never shot a gun and now wants to learn and buy a gun.  This is fun and exciting because you know you will have one more person that will go with you to the range for fun in the future. 

There is nothing quite as exciting as watching the face of fear from pulling the trigger the first time, turn to anticipation the next time and finally to pure thrill that next time.

Yeah, that's the kinda of two days I have had.  My friend/sister-in-law has crossed over to the realm of gun ownership and quickly took to the fun of shooting.  I took her through the gun selection session.  She had fear in her eyes and actually closed them before she fired the first shot with a .22lr semi-automatic.  By the end of the first day she was shooting a Ruger GP100 357 magnum revolver and grinning when she pulled the trigger. 

I am already looking forward to the day when I can enjoy the same kind of day with more friends and eventually my adult nieces :)  Wow what a day!

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