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50 Rounds of 38 Special Ammunition and 3 Sheriffs Deputies

I had some extra time today and figured I would head down to my Mother's place, she lives right down the road, to get some target practice in with my RG Model 38S revolver.

As I have mentioned in a previous blog I will be going off to the Texas School for Concealed Handgun Instructors.  I figured I better get myself acquainted a little better with that revolver before I get to the school and find I am not that good a shot with it or there are some technical difficulties.  I figure better safe than sorry.

 Anyway, I get down there and my Mother is just leaving but gives me the go ahead to set up my target in front of her berm that we use for a firing line.  This berm is a good 8 foot high by 8 foot wide and at least 15 feet deep.  We live outside of town in the county and it is perfectly legal to fire a weapon in this county.  So I get my target set up and fire a couple of quick rounds just to get an idea of where the gun is shooting.  I then mark of the paces for 3 yards, 5 yards and 7 yards so that I can practice from each line. 

I notice rather quickly that I am shooting high and to the right.  Now when I say high I don't mean so high I am not hitting the target I just mean high of the center and to the right of the center.  I am trying to figure out where I need to aim to get a shot on the bulls eye.  At this point I am just firing and reloading and have gone through about 40 rounds of Winchester 38 Special ammunition. 

I turn to reload when I notice that I have 3 sheriffs deputies walking towards me.  I'm a little nervous because I can't figure why they would be here much less three of them.  I hold the gun out to my side and make sure to let them know that I am out of ammo.  I tell them I am going to empty the shells so they can see.  I empty the shell casing to the ground and hold my RG Model 38S out so they can see it is now unloaded.  It made me glad I was not practicing with my mother's RG model 66 with the single round loading gate.  I set my RG revolver down on the open gun case holding my CZ 82 and a couple of spare magazines. 

At this point the Deputy tells me a complaint was called in about unsafe firing of a weapon.  I tell the Deputy that there is nothing unsafe about my shooting, nor has there ever been anything unsafe about it.  The Deputy agrees that my shooting arrangement with the berm and targets is perfectly safe and that my shooting in the county is perfectly legal.  So that leads to the question of why are 3 deputies responding to such a nonsense call? 

It turns out that the person that made the call was simply afraid of the gun shots.  I can't imagine why they are afraid now but haven't been every other time we have fired our guns here.  The deputy simply says that I am breaking no laws but I am not being a "good" neighbor by creating fear.  WHAT???!!  Not being a good neighbor?  How could I know anything about my neighbors fears, neighbor 5 houses down, when I didn't know anything about them.  It is not like my "neighbor" came and spoke to me of their fears. 

The deputy says he can not make me stop firing my guns but would strongly urge me to do so to be a good neighbor.  Now I thought that was just down right silly.  I called my husband and told him what happened and said that I would calmly go speak to her later to see if I can alleviate some of that fear.  I figure maybe she doesn't know it was me and thought it was another of her neighbors, maybe some of those rowdy senior citizens in a neighboring house......

I will keep you posted as to the progress with the neighbors and my target practice......

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