Liking The 2nd Amendment is Not Enough - Get Off of Facebook and Onto Your Feet

It it time to stop sitting behind your computer and blogging about your rights and what should or shouldn't be done.  Stop "liking" it on Facebook and get up and do something about it.


I don't know about you but if our fore-fathers did as much to give us our rights as we are doing to defend them we would all still be speaking with an English accent.  Seriously.

I have been trying to get people motivated and on their feet to stand for their 2nd amendment rights along with all the others.  I cherish our constitution and all my rights are important to me.  However,  I am smart enough to know that if the 2nd amendment falls all the others will go with it. 

We already have an assault on our 4th amendment rights in respect to search and seizures and detrainments.  What do you think your rights will look like when you are disarmed? 

On February 8th there was a National 2nd Amendment Rally at all capitals.  I listened to one person after another complain that they couldn't go because it was a work day and they couldn't just take the whole day off and drive to the capital.  Really?  Hmmm...people fought in the freezing cold, lost all their possessions, lost their families and we can't give up a few hours at work. 

Hey I get it I work too and I've had the boss and my husband still has the boss so I get it!  But when is it easy to fight for what you know is right? 

If George and Tom had to wait until it was easy we would be still speaking with a British accent and yet we are not.  What if George said to Tom "Well we could do this whole revolution thing but we will have to wait until the weekend or I might lose a few dollars from work."  (And yes I am talking about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson here).  What would America look like now?  Well we would look a lot like England and the EU.  Licking our wounds and kicking ourselves in our butts for having believed the load of crap they sold us to get us to register and then confiscate our weapons.

Is that where you want to be?  Is that what you picture These United States of America being?  Well I know I don't.

The point is - How easy does it have to be before you will do something to defend your rights?  So many people complained the only reason they couldn't go was because of the whole day off of work thing.  So I decided to sponsor a local rally that people could attend while they are on lunch.  I know it was asking a lot for people to give up that McDonalds burger and show support for their rights.  They could have brought the burger with them.  But no, that would be an inconvenience. 

A few friends and I footed the bill for the flyers and advertising the rally.  We didn't write it off as a business expense.  We did it as citizens for our fellow citizens.  We passed out hundreds of flyers and had an ad put in the local paper.  We put it on our websites, Facebook pages and every other media means we could think of.  We received lots of "Likes" on having a local rally.  I was asked a lot of questions about the rally and I really thought we would get a decent out come.  I mean heck it was right here in Coryell County.  I made it so they could swing by while on lunch and show their support then head back to work.  I coordinated with the County Judge, Sheriff, city manager and police chief to ensure everything would be good to go on the day of the rally.

Do you want to know how many people went out of their way on their lunch hour to stop by and stand up for their rights?  Approximately a dozen including me and the other two people that helped organize it.

Seriously how easy does someone have to make it before people will stand up for themselves?  At this point I am through listening to anyone complain that has not and is not willing to do anything about what they are complaining about.  From now on if someone complains my question will be "And what are you willing to do about it"?

All I can say is thank goodness George and Tom didn't have Facebook or they might have been sitting back hitting "Like" when Ben and the other George were complaining about the Queen trying to take their guns, illegal searches and seizures and taxing of the tea.  We would be eating fish and chips, complaining about not having guns and smiling when the Queen comes on TV. 

Is that what you want for America?  If not then stop "Liking" and do something about it!  Peaceful resistance is the first step.  Get off your couch (futon, gaming chair or whatever you cushy hinny is sitting on) stand your ground, lift your voices and resist any attempt to mess with our constitution and especially the 2nd.  Because like Thomas Jefferson said "The great thing about the 2nd amendment is you won't need it until they try to take it".  Doesn't sound like they were talking about hunting to me.

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