National Buy Ammo Day - November 5th 2012

National Buy Ammo Day - It's Your Right Use It!

November 5, 2012 is National Buy Ammo Day - It is a day set aside by gun owners for gun owners.  These days it seems gun owners are under suspicion for things as simple as purchasing ammunition. 

When I purchase ammunition at Wal-Mart they ask me if it is for a handgun or rifle.  They also ask me what I am doing with it.  Is it just curiosity of the employee or are they instructed to do so.  I believe they are instructed to ask if it is for handgun or rifle but the question as to my usage I don't know.  I obviously purchase a lot of ammo because I am an instructor but if I were not and purchased a lot of ammo does it make me a criminal? 

If I am a law abiding citizen does anyone have the right to question my usage of ammunition?  Does it make a difference if the .22lr ammo will be fired from a handgun or a rifle? 

Exercise your rights on November 5, 2012.  If enough people all go out on one day to make a purchase, even if just a 2.00 pack of .22lr, it will send a message that we know our rights and will use our right and protect our rights.  Watch our video to get the full details. - Click here to see video

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