To All Anti-Gunners - The Answer is....We Don't Owe You An Answer!

The answer is - We don't owe you an answer.  I am so tired of self-righteous, anti-gunners demanding answers from people that are doing nothing more than exercising their rights.  We gun owners are so used to defending our rights and our position that it almost comes natural to answer the questions that the anti-gunners continuously ask us.

Well I have had it!  I am not answering or justifying or anything else on why I chose to carry a gun or why I chose to defend myself rather than putting my life into the hands of a stranger that doesn't know me and therefor could not possibly care for my life more than I do.

What started this "rant", as some would call it?  One more anti-gunner asking me the same question yet again - Why am I carrying a gun?  Really?  Do I ask why you feel it is necessary to breath?  No I don't!  Although I wonder if the oxygen is really making it all the way to your brain since you keep asking the same questions.

I have several YouTube channels and one of them is about homesteading.  We do reviews and some other general homesteading stuff.  In the video in question we are actually at our cabin, deep in the middle of the woods.  We were doing a video on a Harbor Frieght portable solar panel.  Of all the things to see and hear in the video some anti-gunner notices that Ronnie is wearing a gun, holstered on his hip, during the video.  Now mind you, it was cold when the video was made and Ronnie was wearing a coat also, so this person had to really look for something or be trolling for something.

The inquisition started like this - Is that a gun you are wearing in the video?  No one needs a gun except a police officer on duty.  I kid you not.  That is what the person said.  And out of habit I answered back "Yes, that is a gun he is wearing.  We are in the middle of the forest and there are snakes and wild hogs etc".  Then comes the part that set me off - This person replies - "You gun nuts always have an excuse as to why you need to have a gun.  Snakes, yeah right!  Have you ever heard of a shovel?  You are right outside of your cabin.  If you need help you can just call the police".  I was seething mad at this point and almost responded again with something like "Call the police?  I am in the middle of the forest I would be dead before the police would arrive if I was lucky enough that the cell phone happened to be working at the particular moment, at that particular spot!"  But then I said "NO!  I will not respond to this person and give them a reason why I am carrying a gun on my own property or any other place for that matter as long as I am doing so within my legal rights".

You see the problem is that we are so used to defending ourselves against these nuts that seem to think bad things only happen to bad people.  They believe if you are raped or murdered in an ally way That would be better then for you to have carried a gun and saved your own life. 

I live just a couple of miles outside of city limits and because of this the city police, that would be much closer to where I live, do not respond to our location but rather the sheriffs department does.  This would be the sheriffs department that is based in a city 26 miles from where I live and responsible for an entire county.  The results of this was when an armed home invasion occured, to a couple that live down the street, the police took 45 minutes to respond.  Had that homeowner not been armed, most likey him, his wife and his 8-year old daughter would not have been around to tell the story.  By the time the police came the home owner had the 2 invaders held a gun point.

But all of this is even irrelevant because I have a G-d given right to protect myself, a constitutional right to protect myself and a will to protect myself.  I need nothing else.  I need no reason, no objective, no rationale, no nothing except a will to do so. 

Do I attack people on a daily basis for thinking that someone else should be responsible to care for their lives?  Do I attack these same people who think it is okay for someone else to die in their defense but they are not willing to do so for themselves?  How does this even make sense in their own minds? 

At what point did it become that we have to defend ourselves and our rights on a dialy basis from those who willingly choose not to?  If you chose to die at the hands of some person who choses to do you harm, either with a gun or another object, do I have the right to argue that stupidity with you?  Do I have the right to demean you because you chose not to protect yourself, your wife or your children but would rather leave it in a strangers hands?  A stranger that neither knows them or cares for them?  Would you leave it to a person, that no matter what their intentions, may not be able to respond to in the time and fashion that you and your family may require at that given moment in life? 

No, I do not!  I simply say to you, "You must live with your choices, just as I must live with mine.  It is not for me to decide for you anymore than it is for you to decide for me.  We are given free will for a reason.  Some use it better than others but it is not for me to decide for you."

So from this moment forward I will not try to convince you why I chose to defend myself nor will I try to convice you why you should defend yourself.  I will simply say, "The answer is - We don't owe you an answer"!

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