Employee Parking Lot Bill - SB 321

Another NRA backed bill has passed and been signed by  Governor Rick Perry.  The bill was signed back in May but went into effect September 1, 2011.  The bill, which is being refered to as the Employee Parking Lot bill,was actually represented incorrectly on many of the local news stations. 

Our local news stations out of Waco and Austin stated that the bill allowed for those with concealed handgun licenses to have there weapons in their vehicles while parked in a private employers parking lot.  While it is true that those with concealed handguns permits can partake in this law also it is also for those that do not have a concealed handgun license.  One must only continue to read the text directly after the concealed handgun permit text to see the rest of the law.


I have included the link to the actual bill below - SB 321

We are making progress in the right direction but until we have full open carry rights with the right to carry anywhere there is a potential need to protect yourself (which is everywhere) we are not done.




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