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Zombie Dog and Pizza Man Are Dead

Today was a great day for the range.  A group of us ladies headed over to the Just Glocks Range in Copperas Cove, Texas.  No you don't have to shoot Glocks to shoot there.  They just specialize in Glock sales.  You can find a link to them under our links section. 

The people at Just Glocks are super nice and you can shoot all day for just 15.00 + tax.  One of the things I like best about Just Glocks is that they encourage women to shoot and are always very enthusiastic when I bring a group of ladies to the range.  They have even gone beyond the call of duty by allowing me to bring my classes for the proficiency portion of the class in a bit before they are open so I can get them through before the range gets packed.

Just Glocks range is the only open range in  Copperas Cove so it can get pretty busy at times.  I have found that mornings are best.  It is easier to get a lane and there are usually very no "Mall Ninjas" there that early.  I guess they have to sleep in from all the accessory shopping from the day before.

No I did not intend this blog to be about Just Glocks but I just got started on the subject and it kept going.  Anyway, today a group of us ladies went to Just Glocks range and I provided the targets.  You guessed it I had Zombie targets.  Hey it's okay to have fun while  you are shooting as long as you do not forget the safety rules and we would never do that.

My little, senior friend, Anna, was still a little hesitant with her Smith and Wesson Body Guard and we need to get her to put at least 100 round through it today to get her more comfortable with it.  While the Sith and Wesson Body Guard is a "cute" gun and very popular because of the brand and size I don't care much for it because it has a crazy long trigger pull and you have to release the trigger 100 percent before  you can fire the second shot.  I know they do a lot of that stuff for safety but still that is just rediculous.  Anna actually thought the gun wouldn't even shot and asked me to try at first when I pulled and it seemed you could pull no further I figured the safety must be on.  We check the safety and it was off.  I pointed it down range again and pulled and kept pulling even when it appeared I had gone as far as it would go and then finally a shot was fire.

Dang, now that is a trigger pull!  Once we finally got to the point that she could pull the trigger I had to get her to the point of not trying to reaim after every single shot and not to spend 5 minutes trying to site the target every single time.  I called a cease fire so I could prove a point to Anna about needing to find your target quickly and shooting quickly.  I took one of my training guns and handed it to her.  I then went down range to where her target was (about 10 - 12  feet from her) and I stood in front of the target.  I told Anna to aim the training gun at me and try to site me in and then pull the trigger like she was going to really fire.  While she did her normal siting routine I was up and on her and scared the crud about of her.  My point was made and the Zombies were sorry for it.

After her scare I told her to point the gun at the target and shoot and don't re-aim unless she sees her bullets too far off target or not on the target at all.  Oh she tore it up after that.  Anna was on the loose.  We jokingly started calling her Annie Oakly after that.  She happily took her targets home with her to show her husband.

All-in-all we tore up those Zombie targets and had fun doing it.  I needed the practice with my 3 guns that I took, my GP100, Kel Tec P32 and my Springfield Armory XD sub-compact.  I went through hundres of rounds and it felt good.  You can never have too much practice with your guns.

How lucky could a person be to have a job that allows you to do something that you love to do and meet great people that many end up being great friends.  It's good to know that you have friends that can shoot incase the Zombies do ever decide to attack........................

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