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Just Stop Whinning And Go To The Range!

Just stop the whining and go to the range and shoot!   Some days I just feel like I am going to scream if I hear one more person tell me "I had meant to get to the range but it's just too hot right now." or "It's too cold" or "It's raining". 


There is no nice or easy way to say this.  I hope if  those people ever have the misfortune of being attacked that it is a perfect sunny day because apparently that's the only time that they can use their guns. have got to be kidding me!

I am serious.  I hear people telling me all the time that they will schedule a class when it is warmer or when it is not so hot or even when it is not raining.  I really don't think the average crazed nut-job out there is going to be as picky as to when he decides to attack.

Okay ladies I am going to just say it.  Stop the whining and get out there and practice your handgun skills.  If it's so cold that you can't bend your fingers then practice drawing from your holster indoors or practice dropping your magazine and reloading the new one.

You have heard me say it a million times, okay so maybe you read it but still the point is you need to get out and do it.  What is the chance that the weather will be perfect if you are put in such a horrible situation?  Would you not rather be prepared for any situation in any conditions?  I know I would.  I have been to the range at times when it was so cold that I was shivering and trying to keep my aim on the target.  I have been to the range when it had rained so hard that it took me days to clean the mud off of my boots and, of course since this is Texas, I have been when the weather is 100 plus degrees! 

Sure these are some extreme conditions but my point is stop making excuses and waiting for the perfect day, time and weather to get to the range.  Go on your lunch break if you have to so you can feel rushed and feel the stress of having to rush.   Go one day when you are in a bad mood so you can feel the frustrations and redirect it to the target. 

You get the point..........get out there and practice using that gun.  Otherwise that gun is no more than a paper weights that you might be able to throw but even worse it may be used against you!  So get out there.

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