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A New Challenge - Reloading My Own Ammunition

Is it worth loading or reloading your own ammunition?  For years I have batted around the idea of reloading my own ammo so that I would save money and be able to shoot all I want.  Okay so that was a bit of an exaggeration.  After some studying of the costs, time and skills associated with reloading I found that it really wasn't what I had expected it would be.

Now first let's say it is going to take you a while to even the keel on the initial upfront costs of the reloader and associated accessories.  This can be very a relatively small amount to a really large amount depending on which reloading system you choose to go with. 

The costs literally range from less than 200 to well over a thousand dollars for the base reloading kits.  I knew up front that paying a thousand dollars or anything close to that sum was out of the question. 

I looked very closely at the Lee reloader and reloading kits due to their price first.  After a  lot of research into the reviews of the Lee reloaders I was satisfied it would be easy enough to use by a novice user, me, and inexpensive enough to afford the bullets and powder I would need to reload my first round of ammunition.

I had pretty much made up my mind to purchase the Lee reloader but I had not decided which one I wanted when a sale at Cabela's made up my mind for me.  With the sale a Cabela's I was able to order the Lee Deluxe Reloading Kit that contained  -

  • Lee Turret Press with Auto-Index
  • Lee Safety Powder Scale
  • Lee auto-Disk Powder Measure
  • Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner
  • Lee Chamfer Tool
  • Lee Case trimmer

The Box for the Lee Deluxe Reloading Kit states " This kit and a set of Lee dies contains everything you need to load your own ammunition".

Due to the inexpensive price of the deluxe set I was able to order a set of deluxe 9mm dies and the Lee Safety Primer.  All of this including tax and 2.99 shipping came to right about 212.00.

After a reloading lesson by my Son-in-law I was ready to reload my first round.  So now I have yet another hobby related to guns that will keep me busy. 

I will do a full review of the Lee Reloading kit, as a novice, once I have a hundred or more rounds loaded.

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