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Oklahoma Goes Open Carry

I was on the Texas Concealed Handgun Association's website the other day and what did I read?  I read that the Governor of Oklahoma had just signed the order to allow for open carry in Oklahoma.  What?!  Oklahoma is going to open carry and Texas isn't?  Oh man now I have to write to Governor Perry again.  What is up with that?  How could Texas not have open carry?

I realize that many people feel differently about this topic as with any topic concerning guns.  There are many people that are pro-gun that do not agree that we should be able to carry guns on us.  Then there are those that believe we should be able to carry on us but only concealed.  When questioning why a person should only be able to carry concealed I often hear an argument like "It the gun is seen the gun can be taken" or "It is just much more accessible if it is carried open and more likely someone might use it faster than if it was concealed".  These could be valid points for sure.

There is also another aspect of carrying a gun in which people believe that it is their second amendment right to carry anyway they choose as long as they are legal, law abiding citizens of These United States.

What is my opinion?  I am a staunch believer in the 2nd Amendment and our God given rights to protect ourselves when necessary and not when given permission.

I'd love to hear what you believe is the right way to carry and why. 

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