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Hunting White Tail Deer - We Have Success!

Our early November hunt was unsuccessful.  It was fun but we had no luck on the hog or deer hunting.  Were not going to let that deter us from going every chance we got to try, try again!  We were invited to some friends property further west of us that has a lot of white tail deer.  In fact they have so many white tail deer that the property owner asked us to come down to help him reduce the white tail doe population.


Oh, this property owner has awesome deer stands and prime clearings where the deer love to hang out.  I tell you it was only minutes after we got into the stands about 10 does walked into range.  There were not necessarily hanging out at that moment and it was not quite sun up so we just watched in awe. 

Finally the sun came up and we didn't know which direction to look first for the bucks that were walking into view.  Yes you read that right bucks.  Some big, some small, some young, some old.  There was one amazing buck that was just beautiful.  He was chasing off all the other deer and we though he would never leave but he was still beautful to look at.

Finally, over the the other side of the stand comes wandering in another bunch of does.  My friend Phil was in the stand with me that morning.   While Ronnie and the property owner were in another stand some several hundred acres away.  The does that had wandered in were on Phil's side but he offered to let me switch sides with him.  I was tempted to take him up on it but knew the last two time he didn't come home with a deer so I wanted him to have the first shot.  Now I will say that in the previous years in those same stand we did not see near as many deer in such a short time period and did not have near as good opportunities to take shots.

Phil got that doe in his site,  while I viewed her in the binoculars to double check that is was a doe and not a small, young buck.  I agreed that is was a doe and on the count of 3 Phil took the shot.  It was a beautiful shot.  One doe down and we were thankful for the meat that would go in the freezer.  Even though Phil had taken the doe we always share so I knew I would be butchering something when we got home.

It was a cold morning so we left the doe lay and turned the other direction to see if we couldn't get another doe that day.  Sure enough not 45 minutes later another nice doe came into range.  I had my Marlin 30-30 so I was trying to keep my targets within a 150 yard range which is what I had sited the rifle in at.  She was standing there grazing so I got her in my site, took the breath and pulled the trigger.  Just as I squeezed off the round she moved.  I had thought I still hit her but quickly realized by how she was moving I had not hit her.  We waited a while and then went down just to make sure there was no sign of a blood trail.  There was not.  I had missed.  I was stunned.  I am not a super hunter or a super shot but I  have never just out right missed a shot at a deer.  Phil kept insisting it was because the deer started moving just as I squeezed the trigger but I just didn't see it.  I started to worry that my scope got knocked or something or maybe I was just cross-eyed.

Over in the stand with Ronnie and the property owner Ronnie was a few deer but not within range to see if they were does or young bucks.  He had his Remington 30-06 that I had got him for Christmas a few years ago and not not ever gotten a chance to use it on a hunt yet so we were very hopeful.  That first day out in the stand just never presented a good opportunity.

We called it a day and decided to go again the next morning and if not successful we will go again the next evening also.  The next morning we go up at 4:30 and headed up to the main house for coffee at 5:15 and then it was off to the stand.  Just as the previous morning we were barely in the stands for any time and WHAM! there were the deer.  If was almost as if they were checking us out.  Phil and I were sharing a stand again and we were hoping that the deer would be in my site that morning.  There were some deer on my side but they were all bucks other than some does that never stood still they just kind of walked through the area.  Sure enough the sun came up and there was a big beautiful doe in Phil site.  Again Phil offered to switch side with me.  No, we were not in the same stand as the night before so the fact that they kept coming to Phil's side was just chance.  I told  Phil he should take the shot since she was a pretty good sized doe and we could just share her if we don't get another doe later in the day.  He was more than happy to do it and I have to say that I sure wished after the fact I  had changed places with her because I never got another chance that day.

Back oven in the stand with Ronnie that morning it was after an hour after he was in the stand that morning he called on the ham radio and said "Success!".  Ronnie had just shot his first deer and he was a nice young buck.  I know, I know we were there to shoot does but the property owner said the bucks horns were too small for his age so he didn't want him breeding and asked Ronnie to take him. 

We debated if we should do an evening hunt since the temps were supposed to drop below freezing and were were camping and we did have 3 deer now between us.  We opted to call it quits for the weekend and go ahead and prepare our deer for the trip home before the freeze set it.

It had been a very successful hunt and were were very pleased that in less than 24 hours we had managed to get 3 deer.  Okay so I couldn't really claim any success on this hunt but I would doing an awesome job as a spotter for Phil.  Well somebody has to do it.  When we go hunting over Christmas break to the East I am definitely taking the shot..............

No matter if I got to make the shot or a good friend, I am thankful for all the venison now stocked in my freezer, stored on my shelves, turned into venison jerky and venison stock.


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