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First Hunt, First Deer

This was my first hunting trip.  It was made possible by my friends Pam and Phil and their friends Jim and Ann.  Jim and Ann invited Phil and Pam to come out hunting to help control the Axis doe population that is squeezing out the whitetail population in the area.  Phil asked Jim if he could bring two more friends and that's how it all began.  Now Ronnie and I are hooked. 

You can probably tell by where the shot hit that I was nervous on the trigger the first time.  I have had some practice since then and my shot is much steadier now. 

Phil and Pam also have a nice piece of property in East Texas that we hunt on some times and then there is also the Davy Crockett National Forest that you can hunt in also.

You have to love the fashion statement also.  As it was my first hunt and I wasn't sure if I would care for it I didn't want to invest into an expensive outfit so I picked up the shirt at Wal-Mart and the pants and Goodwill.  The boots I already had because of all the yard work I do that requires a sturdy pair of boots.

We split the venison with Phil and Pam and had some really wonderful meals.  I made everything from ground venison to venison stir-fry and venison jerky.  There is a really great cook book out there for venison, well several by the same author actually, called Quality Venison.  It is a cook book and contains great hunting stories by the author also.



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