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Henry U.S. Survival Rifle (AR-7)


Caliber - .22 long rifle

Overall length –  16.5 inches stowed or 35 inches assembled

Weight - 3.5 pounds with both magazines stored.

Henry Repeating Arms are known for their beauty and craftsmanship.  Well this little beauty, the Henry US Survival Rifle (AR-7),  won't win any beauty contests for it's looks but it will for just about everything else about it.

When I say this rifle is not pretty I mean it in every sense.  It is available in two colors drab grey (They say is black) or camo.  Okay the camo is kinda nice looking put comes at an upcharge.  Considering the reasons I bought this rifle I couldn't see paying an  upcharge for some things that will be stuffed in my backpack most of the time. 

When you pick the Henry up and feel it it just doesn't feel real.  It feels like a toy because it is so light wieght.  Unlike the beautiful workmanship of Henry's other rifles with wooden stocks and brass adornments this is light weight ABS plastic with teflon coated reciever and coated steel barrel.  The only flash of color you will see on the Henry Survival rifle is the bright orange blade front sight.  Which is actually another one of the super features on this little rifle. 

The blaze orange blade front sight is fast to line up and easy to get on target.  You can't miss it.  It is one of the reasons this rifle is so accurate. 

Lets look at assembling the rifle from stored state -

Pull off the butt stock and you will see two magazines, the barrel and the reciever.  You can not accidentally put a piece in incorrectly because each piece has a specific spot it fits in. 

Take out all the pieces and replace the butt stock

Take the reciever and fit it into the slot on the stock and simply turn the screw until it is tightened in place

Now the reciever is in place attach the barrel.  Simply line up the slit on the threaded end of the reciever with the notch on the barrel and tighten in place.

That's it!  That's all there is to it.  In less than a minute you can have the rifle assembled and ready to use and in the same amount of time you can break it back down and stow it away.

The notched design on the barrel ensures that your barrel is lined up perfectly straight every time.

Okay so you have a rifle you can break down and stow away that weights less than 5 pounds and you can stuff it in your back pack.  Is it accurate?  Accurate does not even begin to explain just how tight you can get the groups with this rifle even when rapid firing.  It is almost a point a shoot.  You can easily get 3/4 inch groups without even really putting much of an effort into it. 

So it shoots good what else?  It is water resistant and abuse resistant.  The teflon coating on reciever and barrel protect it from you and the elements.  The ABS plastic of the rifle stock is resistant to breaking during lifes less then gentle moments.

There are a lot of great aspects to this rifle, like you can store 3 fully loaded magazines in it at one time, one in the reciever and two in the butt stock.  But the magazine is also the only negative aspect of this rifle I found.  It only holds eight rounds.  Yes, I know the point of this rifle is to be concealable, portable and all other means of covert but an 8 round magazine just isn't enough for general purpose.  It would be nice to have some extended magazines that you could stow separately if you chose to. 

It is rumored that there are such magazines.  Yet I have never seen one nor be able to track on one at any cost.  Henry even has them listed on their site but not in stock.  There always is a down fall to every gun or rifle and this is the down fall of the Henry US Survival rifle.  If I ever have to protect myself against a killer squirrel or rabbit I want more than eight shots to get em.

Other then the magazine issue I love this little rifle and would definitely recommend it to others and have recommended it to others that seem to love it just as much as I do.





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