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Ruger SP101 SA/DA Revolver


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Caliber - 357 magnum

Weight - 1lb 9.5 oz.

Barrel length - 2.25"

Maximum capacity - 5 rounds

Easy of assembly/disassembly - great

This little revolver looks like a miniture of my Ruger GP100 other than it did not come with the Hogue grip.  The grip that it has is smaller and allows for it to be more concealable. 

We had originally looked at the Ruger SP101 when I was considering buying a new revolver.  I ended up going with the GP100 due to what I needed it for.  Ronnie was so enamered with the GP100 that he thought he might like an additional gun for concealed carry.  I guess the 3 or 4 he has aren't enough.

The construction of the Ruger SP101 is just like the construction of the Ruger GP100 it just looks like it was tossed in the dryer and shrank.  It is an awesome piece of beauty like like it's big brother the GP100.

It is not near as heavy as the GP100 and much more compact.  Even with the weight of the SP101 would still consider using it for concealed carry if my husband wasn't carrying it.  I wouldn't carry it in my purse but I would definitely consider carrying it with one of those nice horse hair crossbreed holsters that are molded to the specific guns they are make for.

The gun was so well balanced and fit so nicely into my hand it was almost as if it was custome made for me.  The construction of the Ruger is solid.  It is not a gun for the weak of heart or the weak of hand.  It is heavy.  It is due to this superior construction that this gun can handle 357 magnum and 38 special to include +P+ loads with very little recoil.  When shooting 38 special, if it wasn't for the loud noise, you wouldn't even know you were shooting 38.  The gun is so easy to handle.  The cyclinder release is really simple to use with a simple push in.  You do not have to push in and forward as with some revolvers.  It has smooth mechanisms making the cylinder smoothly release out and close again with very little effort.

The Ruger SP101 also shoots the CCI 357magnum/38 Special #9 Shot.  I figure this is a great addition.  Two rounds of #9 shot followed by 4 rounds of 357 magnum is sure to stop any attacker.

I tell you this revolver is pretty much point and click!  The recoil is handled so well that it is almost non-existent.

The one thing I will say that I just couldn't get comfortable with was the trigger pull.  It wasn't that it was exceptionally hard or exceptionally long I just couldn't manage to smoothly pull the trigger.  I think it might have been because I was expecting the trigger pull to be the same as the GP100.  It is not.  A couple of times I couldn't get a full pull on the trigger and rotated the the cylinder but didn't manage to fire it.  I believe this problem was all me and not the SP101.  Ronnie fired about 100 rounds through the gun with no problem at all. 

I was very impressed with the accuracy of this little revolver with only a 2.25 inch barrel.  It hit right where you pointed it everytime just like it's big brother the GP100.  I do beleive that I will be taking this little gun to the range a lot more and getting good and comfortable with that trigger pull.  That way just in case Ronnie finds another carry gun I will be ready to take over.

Cleaning the SP101 is a snap.  The instuctions for break down are clear and easy to follow and there are only a few steps to cleaning the gun.  The stainless steel frame is a piece of beauty all by itself.

This gun is a great multi-purpose gun.  It is excellent for concealed carry, self-defense, home defense and just plain shooting fun.  As Ruger put it "This gun is made for shooting". 



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