Range Time - Family Time Passing on Traditions

It's finally a beautiful day in Texas!  No one wants to be cooped up on a fine day like this.  We are headed out and  headed to the range.  Who is we?  The whole family.  Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles everyone.  Can you think of a finer way to spend some family time than at the range?  It's the perfect way to teach handgun skills to the younguns and to pass on time honored family traditions..  


My niece said to me today, as my oldest grand daughter was popping off .22lr rounds at a make-shift pizza box target, that she thought perhaps the love of guns ran in the DNA from my line.  I told her it's not DNA, it's comfort.  If you learn to respect and not fear then you enjoy the sport of shooting.  You also understand and respect the idea of the responsibility that comes with placing your hands on a gun and the protection that gun can provide if properly used.  So no, it's not in the DNA it's in the teaching!  Gerneration after generation passing down the skills, responsibility, respect and yes even pleasure of using handguns.

This conversation was going on during one of our family range days at our new home "range".  It's not quite a range yet it's more of a shooting area but we have a good backstop.  The backstop is made up of what was dug up out of the ground for my son's septic tank.  It consists of humongous rocks and a kind of clay mixture.  It makes for a great backstop and even better it was free!

Having a shooting area right on the property is so awesome I can't even find the words for it.  No more having to get in the car and drive to the range and then shell out 15-20 dollars in range fees on top of making the trip.  Then you shoot a couple hundred rounds in a very restricted manner.  Most ranges won't let you shoot from holsters or rapid fire.  I absolutely understand why they have these rules.  It's a safety issue for the range and the customers.  But these rules hinder the ability to learn to use your gun in the manner you may need to use your gun.  Of course you could always take classes that are specific to learning self-defense with a gun.  If you can afford it it is money well spent.  But I just love the convenience of walking out of the house and down the way to the shooting area and when I am done cleaning up my mess and heading back to the house.

Okay, yeah, it's great having our little range area right there but what's even better is that the whole family is usually there too.  That is the part that makes it great.  We can just look over and say "Hey wanna shoot some pizza boxes?"  (The kids usually order pizza on fridays so there is no lack of pizza boxes. 


I don't want to make it sound like we have no rules on our range because we do.  You can't teach children gun discipline if the adults don't use gun discipline.  Our Kids are not allowed to shoot or even touch a weapon unless there is an adult directly with that child.  All other kids have to stay behind the firing line.  We are also very strict about muzzle discipline (where the gun muzzle is pointed, down range being the only correct direction) and trigger control (your finger stays off the trigger unless you are pointed down range and intend to pull it).

It was a wonderful day at the home range the whole gang was there with the exception of great-grandma - The kids were all anxiously awaiting their turn to be instructed.  Mother hen, Brandie, watched over the younguns while they watied.


Big brother, James, showed little brother, Jonathan, how to properly hold that shotgun and aim it. Moments that warm the tendrals of a mother's heart,


Mother, Cara, showed daughter, Ari, how to load the .22 Rough Rider 

Cousin, James, teaching cousin, Brandie How to shoot a shotgun for the first time.


Dad, David, shows daughter, Ari, how to get a sight picture with the 22 lr semi-auto.


David goes to check the target and see if everyone is progressing.  Ok he just wants to see if he actually hit the target when he was shooting..  Five year old Kali wants to see if she hit anything too.


David works thorugh a malfunction which was a great lesson for the kids..

We were having so much fun together shooting, enjoying the side conversations and spending time with the kids we didn't even realize the day had already slipped away and the sun would soon be setting on our super day at the range.!

Want to see more?  Check out our youtube channel GalsnGuns.  You'll find gun reviews, product reviews, instruction and all kinds of other fun gun related stuff.





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