The Type of Ammunition Does Matter - Monarch vs. Winchester

Another informal comparison brought to you by Christine and our local ranges.  This comparison was done between Monarch and Winchester  9 mm at 15 yards using my CZ 82.  All photos were taken on the same day. The first photo was taken after shooting the Winchester ammunition with the CZ 82.  You can see where my first shots were a little wild but then I reigned it in towards the center but definitely not tight shot groups.  Yeah typical Christine shooting but I guarantee you that assailant wouldn't be walking away.  Every single shot fired landed on the target.  None were unaccounted for.  I know that is an odd thing to say but after you read on you will understand why I noted the fact that all shots were accounted for.


Now you can certainly see the difference when firing the Monarch at 15 yards with the CZ 82.  The shots were wild and some you couldn't even account for.  There were 8 shots that I couldn't figure out where they went..  I could not get any type of shot group at all.  The Monarch ammo goes boom but you don't know where that boom will land.

Pretty much the photos show it all.  While the Monarch consistanty fired and never jammed it is just not a reliable ammunition for self defense.  If you are just in the mood to pop off some rounds and don't care where they land then Monarch may be okay.  But if you want to know where that shot is landing then Monarch is not the ammunition to use.











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