Using Your Semi-Automatic Handgun - What Not To Do

It wasn't that long ago that I did an article about what happens when you put your hand in the wrong place on a semi-automatic handgun.  I showed you pictures of the nasty gash that was made by the slide when it caught the hand of my friend when she inadvertently put her left hand over her right hand.  So what's the big deal about putting your left hand over your right hand?  It puts  your left hand directly in the line of the power of your gun slide racking back with a force that can cause serious damage.

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Project Appleseed - Sowing The Seeds Of Rifle Skills

Hey all you Texas women!   The Appleseed project is coming to a town near you.  In fact October is bringing the Appleseed to beautiful and scenic Fredericksburg, Texas.

Normally a lot of emphasis is placed on learning handgun skills but often you will find that very little or no emphasis is placed on the need to learn rifle skills, especially when it comes to women.  The reason why you usually see more emphasis placed on handgun skills than rifles is because handguns are most often associated with self-defense where as rifles are more often associated with hunting.

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Number One Arguement Against Gun Control

To be honest I am not too positve on the exact numbers of the article below but we do all know the outcome in each instance listed below.  A friend of mine emailed the article to me and I thought it would be a stark reminder for all of us.  Let's make sure we never have to even consider such tragedies in America by ensuring we keep our guns and our gun rights.

Gun Control History

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953,
about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded

Important Gun Law Changes For Texas Gun Owners

I was going to put this in the what's happening section but then thought it important enough to make it a separate article.

There are guns laws that are changing and some are changing immediately while some do not change until September 1, 2011.  These laws are not just for concealed carry holders they apply to all legal weapon holders.

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National Right to Carry Bill H.R. 822

You all really have to check out the NRA newsletter about the bill being proposed in the house - H.R. 822.  H.R. 822 is a bill that would allow for National Recipricocity of concealed carriers.  Wow wouldn't that we something. 

Okay here is where you come in.  Email your senator, congressman and anyone else you can think of and push them for vote for this.  Wouldn't you love to concealed carry and not have to worry about which state you are traveling through and if they allow concealed carry or not.  If they do allow it what their laws are etc.  I could see this really being a good thing and am just amazed that there is a congressman willing to propose such a 2nd amendment loving bill in our house.

There is a link for the NRA on our links page so you can read the entire proposed house bill if you would like.