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Uncle Mike's PDA Holster

Sept 5, 2010

Uncle Mike's states "A new way to holster smaller pistols.  This simple carrier looks and works exactly like a typical PDA/cell phone carrier.  It clips to your belt to provide instant access, yet calls little attention to itself.  Style to look just like a typical PDA/ cell phone carrier.  Soft interiior won't scratch your pistol.

When I ordered this holster in order to do a review I also found that Bulldog holsters makes a PDA style holster.  I have already reviewed the Bulldog Extreme Holster and it can be found here.

The Uncle Mikes PDA sytle gun holster appears to be really well made with durable stitching, a solid belt/attachment clip.  There is no separate belt loop on the Uncle Mike's Holster so it must be worn using the belt/attachment clip.  The belt attachment holds the holster securely in place without needing to wear a belt.  It is too heavy with the gun it in to wear with clothing that has any type of elastic waistband but when wearing solid waistband clothing it is very well balanced and holds very nicely in place. 

  • It weighs a mere 3 1/8 ounce empty and only 12 7/8 ounce with my fully loaded kel-tec P32.
  • It is 1 inch thick
  • 4 inches in depth (outside measurment)
  • 5 3/4 inches wide

The design is a little slimmer compared to the Bulldog Exteme PDA style holster and there for draws even less attention to the holster. (Uncle Mike's holster on the right)

The case has a 1 inch by 3 inch velcro closure that is very sturdy and deinitely holds the case close with it new.  I will definitly have to wear this case in at home for quite a while before I venture out with it because the velco closure is so strong it is actually difficult to open in a speedy manner.  I think this will get better as time wears the velcro a bit but I am not willing to test it in public until it is at that point.

The inside of the case is padded to ensure your gun is not scratched and allows for extra protection during daily activities when wearing.

Because of the slim nature of this case my tiny Kel Tec P32 is actually a tight fit into the case/holster.  It is also difficult to retrieve the gun because the fit it so tight.  Again these are things that may lessen with time and wear but I would not leave the house with it at this point due to the tight accessibility.

I want to give this holster a fair shake since Uncle Mike's is a very reputable and dependable holster maker so I will continue to test this holster in the house and see if I can wear it in to the point of acceptable access of the gun for opening the holster and for grasp of the gun once it is open.

Note the flap closure with the Kel Tec P32 in the holster.  The flap does not lay flat due to the slim design of the holster.  It is almost too slim for even the Kel Tec


October 16, 2010

Okay I hate to say it but I don't think I will ever be leaving the house with the Uncle Mike's PDA style holster.  I just do not care for how tight the gun fits in it and the extra effort it take to get my gun out.  I would say at this point I will not be using it anytime in the near future to carry a gun.  It may be usable in another capacity or maybe even with another gun but I am not going to buy another gun to see if it will fit.  I just do not forsee another gun being any slimmer than the Kel Tec P32. 

I was really hoping that the holster would be able to be broken in but it just hasn't happened.  I like Uncle Mike's products and really wish I could make this one work but I really can not recommend this product for this usage.


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