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The Texas legislature passed a lot of new laws this session.  Be sure to get into a class soon to get the clarification of all the legal speak even if you are not required to take a class for renewal you should consider it.  Remember you are responsible to know the laws.

The ultimate Team Discount - Husband and wife teams that attend class together recieve a 5.00 each discount.  You must mention that you saw it here to recieve the discount. 

Upcoming classes with openings -

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10-11-13, - Booked Full

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July 2 & 3, 2011 - All you Central Texas people, there is a gun show at the Bell County Expo center this weekend.  It can usually be worth your time if you are looking for a specific gun or even bulk ammunition sometimes.  Stop by and check it out and support gun shows.

Texas Concealed handgun - Class starts at 9:00 cost is 75.00.  More Details

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Husband and Wife - The real team (February 11, 2011)

Lately I have had several husbands and wives attend different classes together.  I really like teaching husband and wife together because it is so important that each have an understanding of what is needed to happen in an emergency. 

The times of the husband being the only family protector are in the past.  Not that a husband can't and shouldn't still do all that is possible to protect his family it is very important that every family member understand and know what their role is in an emergency.

It is during an emergency that the word team really takes meaning.  A husband, wife and even the kids all need to know what their part of the team needs to accomplish.  Even if it thier role is to stay hidden or exit and run for help if possible those are important roles that need to be addressed. 

I hope in the future more husbands and wives will attend classes together and continue to work on thier defense skills until they are well oiled defensive machines and are a "Real Team"!


Kudo's to those who even the playing field! -

I would like to just take a moment to give kudos to a woman that attended our last basic handgun skills class.  You know who you are...... 

This lady is a single parent working for a living at what I believe is one of the most dangerous jobs a person could work in this area - a convenience store clerk.  This lady has been robbed at gun point while on the job 4 times now and the last time decided she was not going to take it any more.  Although she is afraid of guns she made the decision to even the playing field and get trained to have a handgun of her own.  Now that is a brave woman that is not going to let the situation dictate to her but she is going to dictate to it. 

By the time we finished the first handgun session she had fired a couple of guns and was past the point where it made her almost cry, past the point where she would close her eyes and scream, past the point where she would flinch when you pulled the trigger.  She managed to get past all of that by the end of her first session and it was not because I am an exceptional instructor but because she is an exceptional person.  After about the first 5 hours of training she had over come her fears and was to the point where she was actually  thinking of going and buying her own gun.

Kudos to you!  You are a strong woman and I have a lot of respect for you.  I can't wait to see you in the next class with your own gun :)



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