Texas CHL Laws Changed - Gals-n-Guns No Longer Certified to Teach CHL Classes

I have to inform you with a heavy heart that I am no longer certified to teach CHL classes in the state of Texas.  No, I didn't lose my license.

I chose not to renew it due to new legislation that would require me to get additional training to be a handgun instructor.  When I say additional training I do not mean the required State class and handgun proficiency requiring me to shoot with 90 percent accuracy and passing a test that shows I know the laws.  I don't have a problem with that at all.

I have been an insturctor for years now and was blown away to find out that I would not qualify to renew my insturctors license if I didn't take a handgun instruction course from a handful of approved schools.  Of course top of the state's list was the NRA.  I will not give any of my hard earned money to the NRA.  They fund political campaigns with their funds and they have many times recently funded campaigns of people that are neither freedom loving nor gun loving.  Harry Ried would be a perfect example of this.  It was due to this that my whole family and many of our friends dropped our NRA memberships and opted to look for other gun right organizations.  I will not fund any organization that would give money to anyone that I would not give money to otherwise.  It's just pricniple. 

This requirement came out of this last legistative session.  I followed the gun bills pretty closely and yet did not learn of this change until after the law had passed.  They did not grandfather in previously certified instructors.  It was either do it or don't get your license.  I believe there was a little handwashing between the NRA and the State. 

The bottom line is I am no longer licensed to teach CHL classes.  The money from the classes is not a big deal but I will really miss teaching many of the wonderful people that I would have met in the classes.  I hope another person in our area will take on teaching elederly on a one on one basis so they will continue to take the steps necessary to learn to defend themselves against the bottom feeders of society.

I will continue to encourage all people but especially women and elderly to learn to defend themselves and the importance of passing on the skills and respect to the next generation.


Instructor Questions

In order to become a certified CHL instructor, you must meet all the eligibility criteria under the Texas Government Code, §411.172 and §411.190. This includes proof you are currently certified to instruct others in the use of handguns (firearm instructor) as listed below:

  • Certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) as a firearm instructor -  supporting documentation includes a copy of your TCLEOSE firearm instructor certificate.  (Must be a firearm instructor, basic instructor  is not sufficient.)
  • Certified under the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702, (Private Security Act) as a firearm instructor – supporting documentation includes a copy of the Private Security instructor registration.
  • Certified by the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) as a firearm instructor – supporting document includes a copy of certificate of training and a copy your unexpired NRA credentials. ( Must be certified to instructor handgun/pistol)
  • Proof of graduation from a handgun instructor school that uses a nationally accepted course designed to train persons as handgun instructors.  (Applicants under this section must regularly instruct others in the use of handguns.)
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