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Day 5 In The Woods - Paper Squirrels for Dinner


 Day 5 in the woods


The coyotes haven't gotten us yet..............

Well all I can say is it is a good thing we brought food with us on this camping trip because if we had to eat what we caught we would be half-starved by now.

The only squirrel we have been able to get is one on a paper target when we were sighting the 22’s . I brought my Remington 597 and Phil was using his Marlin.  I still say all the squirrels have moved to the city because you hardly ever see then in the woods anymore but you sure do see a lot of them playing around on city fences and trees and such.

We have heard several wild hogs around but they always seem to be on the other side of the fence! The sad thing is the first hog I heard I didn’t even recognize the sound until my camp mate pointed out that it was probably a wild hog.

I was prepared to take down any meat legal at this time of year which pretty much narrowed it down to squirrel or wild hog off the top of my head. Where we were camping didn’t have a river or lake and even the ponds they had were not stocked so fish was out too.

I guess we will give squirrel hunting another shot tomorrow to see if we can make some squirrel stew in the dutch oven. Yummmmmm.


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