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Magazines and things that make you go "ARGH"

Last night I was casually flipping through A Texas Sporting Journal.  I had gotten through the first 30 or so pages and commented to my Husband that I had not seen a single woman in the magazine yet.  Of course, I had no sooner said that and WHAM! 

There is a woman on page 35.  The only problem was it was for an advertisment for Fishmaster's Universal folding T-Tops and the two women were clad in tiny bikinis that didn't even show the Folding T-Tops.  I really couldn't figure out what exactly the two women had to do with what was advertised except maybe they figured only men would be interested in buying their Folding T-Tops.  I know that advertisement would make me not think about buying one!  I am not saying that women have to be in every magazine that has to do with sporting or hunting or anything else but when the first women you see in a magazine related to hunting and fishing is almost naked women then I get irritated.  Now I will say a little later in the pages was a nice advertisment for She Safari clothing that actually showed women with clothes on and they were holding rifles and binoculars.  They can be found at .  Yet another reason to have a webite for women and guns only.......


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