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I'm off to the hunt....

It's like being a little kid at Christmas time.  I woke up early and made sure everything was ready to go.  And now I am just waiting....


My Friend Phil says we are leaving at 9:03:22 A.M.   We will arrive on location at about 12:00 and get camp set up and won't go for the first hunt until early evening.  We then do a morning and evening hunt tomorrow and then probably pack up and head back home.

We were hoping to get to stay through until Saturday but it seems it is going to drop down to freezing and start raining again so we opted not to suffer if we don't have to.  Our tent is rated for summer and definitely not winter.  (The tent story is a whole other story.)

Wish us luck.  There are plenty Axis deer to be had out in that area, due to them having been imported in by "Exotic Wildlife" ranchers years back.  They are kind of taking over the area and pushing out our native White Tailed deer.

I will make sure and post pictures when we get back or if we have no luck then I will post my moaning and groaning about it.


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