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I am sure  most of you know that last weekend was opening weekend for deer rifle season.  My friend, Phil, called and said "Hey let's go hunting!".  Like I was going to say no to that!  I knew the property we were going to be hunting not only had deer but also had a wild hog population that I was wanting to decrease.  I figured deer hunting from dawn to dusk and then hog hunting by moonlight.  Yes, hog hunting at night and spotlighting hogs is legal in Texas.


I packed my stuff and was ready for my three day hunting trip two days before go-time.  The night before go-time I came up with an idea for a deer blind made from PVC pipe and burlap.  It was a "prototype" so to speak.  The morning of go-time I ran by the lumber store and bought the PVC pipes and connectors that I figured I would need to put my contraption together.  I didn't have the camera with me when I set up the blind and didn't think to video it until I was taking it apart the final day but here is what the "naked" blind looked like - Click Here

When I arrived that morning Phil and Pam were already there, on the property.  I showed them my idea and they thought it was worth setting up and giving a try.  In hindsight I wish I had thought of the idea about a week or two before we actually were planning on hunting the property.  Oh, well!  It is what it is.  Anyway I set up the blind to show Pam and Phil and then we took it apart to trot it up the hill to where were were planning on setting up close to a small pond that showed a lot of deer tracks and some pig wallowing signs too. 

I set up the PVC pipe deer blind and covered it with a camo tarp and burlap and set up the feeder in a tree across the pond.  We then left to wait for early evening when we would come back to actually hunt.  Later that day we went to actually sit in the blind and wait...........and we waited...........and waited.......and waited.  Phil and I occupied the blind together on this night.  It was getting colder by the minute and was one of the few November nights in Texas that the weather was supposed to drop to freezing.  Phil finally got so cold he wanted to leave.  I figured if he was leaving our "cover" would be blown anyway so we called it a night and didn't wait to see if we were going to see a hog.  I know we sure didn't see any deer that night but we heard one that sounded pretty big and he sounded pretty mad that he had caught wind of us in her area.

We set the alarm for 5:00 a.m. the next morning to give us time to have a cup of coffee before heading back up the hill for another day in the blind.  This time Phil and I decided to split up in the hunt.  I went to the blind and Phil decided to stalk on another part of the property to the west of my location.  I did see a deer that morning but fog was rolling so heavy over the pond and he was on the other side of the pond till I got him in my scope he was gone.  I never so that buck again. I sat in the blind for about 5 hours and then headed down the hill for lunch.   Ronnie showed up shortly after lunch and he decided he would hunt in the blind with me that evening.  He hadn't even see the blind up to this point.  That evening in the blind, Ronnie and I found a few areas that needed improvement on the blind to include a support pipe at sitting level.  I had put one up at standing level that turned out to be the perfect location for me to take a standing shot but I found that there needed to be another support in the center top of the blind to keep the tarp from sagging in the middle.

Anyway back to the hunting.  That evening Ronnie and I heard several deer and we heard some hogs but nothing ever got around into our sights.  I was tempted to get out and stalk on down but I didn't.  I decided to remain in the stand and be patient.  Yeah right!. 

On the surrounding properties there were several deer stand set up and I was hearing shots being fired and I seriously doubt that everyone of those shots was a miss so I figured someone was getting something.........just not us.  That night I wanted to stay in the blind all night and wait out the hogs but Ronnie wasn't going to have none of that.  I debated staying in the blind by myself but thought again that when Ronnie was leaving it would pretty much give us up anyway so at 8:30 p.m. that night we called it quits.  Dang I was down to one morning left of hunting and no deer or hog as of yet.

Sunday morning was the same scenario.  Phil stalked to the west of us and Ronnie and I held the blind down.  After 4 1/2 hours in the blind I was bored enough to actually start messing around with the video camera.  I am usually very serious about my hunting but I pretty much had the feeling that nothing was going to happen and we were going to have to pack up the stand in about an hour anyway so I unofficially called it quits.  This is what happens when I get bored in the deer blind.

Well we didn't get anything on this trip but we will be heading to the Brady area next week for another three days of hunting but this time we will be hunting Axis deer instead of white tail deer.  We will then head back to the east and hog hunt for a few days.  I will try to do better on the videos on the next trip.

If you had better luck than we did send us an email with photos and we will load them to the hunting photo album.  We would love to see that someone had some success.........................




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