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Birthdays and Bullets

I know it may sound strange but bullets do make good birthday gifts..............

I was racking my brain to think of a gift to give my sister, who really was not in need of anything, for her birthday.  I thought on it for weeks and could not come up with a good gift idea.

It wasn't until I was at the gun show the day before her birthday that it hit me.  She has a little Taurus TCP 738 .380 and the ammo is a little more expense than with some other calibers.  So what's the big deal you say.  Well it's because of the price of the ammunition that she does not go to the range as often as she should to get in her handgun practice.

 I was standing in front of the ammunition table when I saw some pretty good prices on .380 caliber ammunition.  That's it!  I will get her a box of ammo and take her to the range for her birthday.  You would not believe the looks from my relatives when my sister opened that present.  She was very happy with her gift but some of my other relatives thought it wasn't an appropriate gift.  It is the gift reciever that should like it though, not the on-lookers.

My sister said she would be happy with ammunition for any future gifts also.  I know if it was me I would sure like to get ammunition for every gift giving occassion.

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