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Make Time To Clean and Maintain You Guns Even On Busy Days

Most people today live very busy lives and like to spend the time they do have free doing things they enjoy.  For those of us that are gun enthusiasts that means we like to go shooting or hunting with our free time, not cleaning.

The problem is that when we come back from enjoying our free time we have to clean the guns or rifles.  Most people don't like to clean guns they just like to shoot guns.

I can't say that I like to clean guns but I can say that I enjoy the thought of a clean and usable gun.  I especially enjoy a gun that is reliable because I know it is clean and well maintained.

I pay attention to my guns when I am shooting.  I watch for anything that is out of the normal.  Keeping my guns well maintain is like adding to my security.  I want to know that my gun will fire and not jam when I may need it most.

I have mentioned it before that we live on a small homestead.  That small homestead keeps me very busy.  With such a busy life it sometimes seems impossible to find time to clean guns if you look at it as yet one more chore.

What I finally did was not look at cleaning my guns like a chore but rather another opportunity us check my guns.  When I started to look at it differently I found I actually reminded myself to clean my carry gun or the gun that I shot at the range or even the gun that I loaned to someone.  Yes, I double check to make sure the gun is cleaned to my standard because I could be the person depending on that gun some day.

With this train of thought I looked forward to getting to handle and clean my XD sub-compact again.  I haven't used it but I have been carrying it so I am sure it has collected some dust and lint and who knows what else.

Well, let me grab one of them guns and get to cleaning...........................

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