Come and Take It Temple

When: Saturday June 1, 2012 10:00 - 4:00

Where: Temple, TX - Community Market 212 South Main St.

What: Open:  We will be gathering for a legal armed open carry march to raise public awareness of gun laws in Texas. It is partially in response to the Temple Police Department violating the Second and Fourth Amendment rights of Active Duty MSGT Christopher J. Grisham.  Please join us all. We will be exercising our rights as free men and women. Be part of the solution. All permits and armed march route has been approved and coordinated with the city and local authorities.

I am not attending in support of C.J. Grisham in particular but in support of our rights as Texans to open carry a long rifle.  As I have often said rights not used will be taken and you will not miss them until you need them.  Our rights are not subjective to local police or to local government.  Our rights are our rights.

Take a stand and show State and Local government that you believe in your rights and you are aware. 

The City of Temple has given a permit for this event.  You can choose to open carry your long rifle or just attend to show support if you choose not to.

There will be great music and entertainment also. 

I hope that all attendees will keep in mind that all eyes will be on this event, especially the gun grabbers.  It willl be upon us to exhibit the utmost of control and show responsible gun ownership.

Hope to see you There.

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