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 Remington 597 Rifle

The definition of gun review as pertaining to these pages means Christine’s opinion of the particular firearm being “reviewed”.

Caliber - .22 LR

Price –  190.00 for plain version up to 465.00 for the VTR version

Barrel length – 20 inches

Weight - 5.5 pounds

Maximum capacity – 10 + 1 rounds with standard magazine

Remington 597 is another one of those rifles that the gun snobs would probably not give their time to review because it is inexpensive  and comes in a synthetic stock or composite stock.  The synthetic stock comes in a range of colors with the basic one being a drab green.  Of the colors available for the Remington 597 there is a camouflage orange and a camo pink just to name a couple.

I had previously purchased a little single shot .22 lr for my son to learn with and later for my granddaughter.  I figure with one shot they can't do that much damage, or so we like to think.  I really liked how easy it is to use a .22 lr and thought it would be nice to have a .22 lr for plinking and perhaps squirrel hunting also but a single shot was not going to be the right answer for the latter needs.  I also thought that a .22 lr would be cheaper on ammo to participate in the Appleseed Project, which we intend to do this year.

So it began, the search for a .22 lr rifle.  I had seen several at pawn shops in our area but just was not finding the right one at the right price.  It was that same weekend that I went to yet another gun show.  At the gun show I was undecided if I wanted a .22 rifle or a 30-30 or a 30-06.  I had seen a really nice little Remington 597,  a Ruger 10/22,  a Marlin 30-30 and untold numbers of Remington 700 series.  I just kept going back to the Remington 597 and that made me think it was meant to be.  It was time to negotiate.  When I was done I walked out with the Remington 597 in drab green for 150.00 out the door including tax. 

I could not wait to get it to the range and play with it.  Oh what fun.  I have to tell you, this little Remington 597 is a ton of fun.  It is so accurate you hardly have to even aim the little thing.  It is really light weight with the synthetic stock and Wow what a wonderful trigger pull. 

The 10 round magazine that comes with the Remington 597 is smooth and ejects and inserts quite easily.  The problem with the magazine that actually comes with the 597 is that 10 rounds is just not enough when you are firing a semi-automatic 22.  The ammo is cheap enough that you can shoot all day but with the 10 round magazine you end up reloading a lot.

That is where the Remington model 597 30 round magazine comes in.  It is relatively inexpensive considering it holds 30 rounds and it is very light weight because it is made with a polymer construction.  The 30 round magazine has a chrome-silicone spring for a long spring life.  There is a down fall to the Remington 597 30-round magazine and that is that is does not eject a smoothly as the 10 round magazine.  I always have to completely stop what I am doing and use two hand to remove the 30-round magazine.

Now back to the fire capability of the Remington 597 rifle.  The last time I took my 597 to the range I fired about 100 rounds of ammunition through it.  I had multiple targets up to include 2  man silhouettes and 2 squirrel silhouettes.  They were set at a distance of about 30 yards with the squirrels being sized for a 100 yard target.  I was able to hit the head every time I shot without ever really even putting an effort into it.  I emptied the first 30 round magazine and all 30 rounds were with in the head of all of the silhouettes.  The Remington 597 rifle has a range of roughly 2 miles.

The nice thing about the Remington 597 other than the weight is the size.  It is very easy to shoulder, has literally no recoil and is almost whisper quite.  You almost feel like you are shooting a BB gun it is so easy to use.  I take that back.  The Remington 597 is easier to use than a BB gun. 

The one negative I would say about this rifle is take down of it.  I had not taken mine apart yet when my daughter called me and was telling me there are 13 parts to remove to clean the rifle and you had to be careful or some of them would go flying across the room when you go to remove them.  She was not exaggerating on the take down of the Remington 597 rifle.  It is a bear to take apart and put back together but with practice it is bearable.

All in all this is a super little rifle perfect for a woman for plinking, target practice or varmint hunting.



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