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 Springfield XD (eXtreme Duty) Sub-compact 9 MM

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Caliber - 9 mm (9 X 19)

Price – 469.00 including hardcase, 1-10 round mag and 1-16 round extended mag and XML tactical light.

barrel length – 3"

Weight - 26 ounces unloaded with compact mag

Maximum capacity – 10 + 1 rounds compact mag, 16 + 1 extended mag

Ease of assembly and disassembly - Very easy, 2 step break down 

The first time I fired a Springfield XD sub-compact was 1 day before I was to take my CHL instructor's qualification test.  The state nixed my CZ-82 because of the ammo so I had to find another gun on extremely short notice.  I was going to use Ronnie's Ruger P 95 but I just do not feel 100 percent confortable with it and was wanting something that really felt good to take the test with.

A friend of mine had a Springfield XD sub-compact 9 mm as his backup gun for the qualification test and told me I was welcome to use it.  I took it to the range the night before the qualification test and fell in love.  I felt so perfect in my hand and had such well controlled recoil.  

One of the things I really liked about this gun, besides it's remarkable accuracy even with the 3 inch barrel, was the internal safety mechanisms.  Both of the safetys are internal so there is no flipping of switches or having to remember to push a button before you fire.  

The two safetys on the gun are a trigger safety and the second is a grip safety.  So basically your hand has to be firmly holding the gun and pulling both the safety lever and the trigger at the same time.  This may sound cumbersome in writting but really it is just natural hand position for firing a handgun. 

The XD sub-compact has a couple more nice safety features on it that do not impede your speed or firing.  The loaded chamber indicator allows you to observe weather a cartridge is in the chamber or not without pulling back the slide.  The Striker status indicator which is a cocking indicator in the read of the slide.  When the gun is cocked the pin will protrude out of the slide. 

What really makes this sub-compact handgun remarkable is it's ability to handle recoil so well.  The recoil is handled by the duel spring with the with full length guide rod.

Well after scoring pretty darn well on my CHL instructor's qualification test with my friends XD I decided I had to have one of these guns.  I let one of my favorite gun stores, Guns Galore, know what I was looking for and they contacted me when they got one in that was a used/unused gun.  A used/unused gun simply means that the gun was owned by someone but not used but it still has to be sold as used since it is previously owned. 

I really lucked out in that the previous owner had also purchased an XML tactical light for the gun and it was sold to me as a package deal.  I will review the XML tactical light as an accessory when I have a chance to really give it a workout.

While my son was here for 2 week on leave we took the XD out to the range and all of us fired it.  We went through about 200 rounds of ammo in it and it, as expected, did not have a single jam.  Everyone that fired the XD was pleased and even surprised with it's preforance.  We were using metal fall-down targets and they were falling at a surprising rate even by my son and duaghter-in-law who do not regularly get the chance to fire handguns as they are airmen and trained using rifles.

I am due to take another qualification test for CHL instructor in a few months and I am looking forward to taking it with my Springfield XD sub-compact.


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