Gun Reviews By Gals for Gals - Taurus PT 738 TCP - Disassembly and Assembly

 Taurus 738 TCP Semi-Automatic Double Action
The definition of gun review as pertaining to these pages means Christine’s opinion of the particular firearm being “reviewed”.

Caliber - 380

Price – 250.00 out the door with tax (included bulldog pouch and extra magazine)

barrel length – 3.3"

Weight - 10.2 ounces unloaded

Maximum capacity – 6 + 1 rounds

Ease of assembly and disassembly - Very easy disassembly, tricky reassembly 


The Taurus 738 TCP .380 was purchased by my sister as her first gun purchase.  It is a remarkably light handgun and fit her small hands almost perfectly.  We went to a lot of gun stores before she decided on the one that she had actually held first.   

On initial inspection of the gun I felt the slide was too hard for her to pull but she felt like she would be able to work the slide with practice.  It is true that the slide was a little stiff but it was a new gun and did need to be cleaned and broke in.

After a couple of time of pinching her hand in the slide and over coming the fear of pinching it again she is not able to rack the slide with some effort but not nearly what it took her before.

The first thing I like for people to learn before they even shoot a gun is how to disassemble and clean it and then reassemble it.   

The Taurus 738 TCP disassembles pretty much the same as the Kel Tec P 32.  There is a little pin that has to be removed in order to remove the slide.  To remove the pin you need a flat tip screw driver of something similar. 


Once the pin is removed the slide can easily be moved forward and removed giving easy access to the spring and barrel.

I  had my sister go through the full cleaning process while the gun was disassembled.

After cleaning and attempting to follow the directions to "gently" reinsert the pin during reassembly we found the pin does not simply reinsert much less gently.  There is a little spring that hold the pin in place around the grooved area of the top of the pin and you must work the pin in at an angle to push down that small piece of metal that is spring loaded. 

We only found this out after finally getting on line and finding out that many other people had the same issue.  The instructions mention nothing of this spring or inserting the pin at an angle.  It simply says to "gently" reinsert the pin with the barrel fully forward.  Well the barrel does not actually go fully forward either it must be forward to the point that it aligns with the pin hole and does not obstruct the insertion of the pin, which it will do if you pull it fully forward as instructed. 

I hope that in the future Taurus will work on the design of this pin and the insturction that come with the handgun.  The rest of the assemble and disassembly is very simply but this one step was enough to want me to go get a hammer to "gently" insert the pin.  It is for that reason that I decided to do a review on the assembly and disassembly of this gun even though I have not done a review on the actual usage of this gun.  I figure people deserve some warning of what they are getting themselves into.

As soon as I arrange to take my sister to the range with her little pink Taurus 738 TCP I will do a usuage review.



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