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Ruger GP100 SA/DA Revolver


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Caliber - 357 magnum

Weight - 2.2 lbs

Barrel length - 4"

Maximum capacity - 6 rounds

Easy of assembly/disassembly - great

I have never considered myself a "revolver girl" but I will tell you up front that this gun has possibly swayed me to the revolver side.

I had not planned on purchasing a Ruger GP100 as I have for a long time talked about getting a Taurus Judge one day.  It was only because I had decided to go to the Texas Concealed Handgun License Instructors class and would have to qualify with a revolver that I started looking. 

Oh I have the S&W 44 Magnum but shooting that one would have cost a small fortune and 50 rounds down the road I probably would not have been able to move my wrist.  I also have the RG Model 38S but it has a 3" barrel and we were going to be shooting from the 15 yard line.  Oh I know, I should be able to hit the target from any line if I am a good enough shot but I believe if I can make it easier on myself than why not.

I actually went to a gun store this time to purchase this gun.  I usually buy at pawn shops or gun shows but I wanted someone that was very familiar with revolvers and would be able to give me good solid advice so I went to Guns Galore in Killeen Texas.  The people at Guns Galore are very knowledgable about most any gun but they really had that expertise I was looking for in the revolver arena. 

When I told them what the purpose of the revolver was (to pass a proficiency test and for home defense after that purpose has been achiieved) they pointed me to the Ruger revolvers.  I held several in my hand and tried some Smith and Wesson too just to feel them but when I held the Ruger GP100 with the Hogue rubber grip it just felt at home. 

The gun was so well balanced and fit so nicely into my hand it was almost as if it was custome made for me.  The construction of the Ruger is solid.  It is not a gun for the weak of heart or the weak of hand.  It is heavy.  It is due to this superior construction that this gun can handle 357 magnum and 38 special to include +P+ loads with very little recoil.  When shooting 38 special, if it wasn't for the loud noise, you wouldn't even know you were shooting 38.  The gun is so easy to handle.  The cyclinder release is really simple to use with a simple push in.  You do not have to push in and forward as with some revolvers.  It has smooth mechanisms making the cylinder smoothly release out and close again with very little effort.

I really like the fact that the Ruger GP100 chambers 6 rounds.  I know it's only one more round but I figure you never know when you will need one more round.  The GP100 also shoots the CCI 357magnum/38 Special #9 Shot.  I figure this is a great addition.  Two rounds of #9 shot followed by 4 rounds of 357 magnum is sure to stop any attacker.

I took it to the range the following day. (yes I had to spend a whole night just starring at it).  I tell you this revolver is pretty much point and click!  The recoil is handled so well that it is almost non-existent.

While the trigger pull is a good one it is not excessive and can easily be handled by a mid-sized woman with little pull left or right if properly handled. 

We all know that I am not a "tight group" shooter with any gun but I tell you with this Ruger GP100 that could change.  Once I got my bearing at 15 yards I was able to continue to shoot in the same area without any problems.

The only down side I could find to this revolver was the front site is solid black.  This would probably not be a problem for many people but for me I need the site to stand out a little more.  I actually fixed the problem by applying a little White Out on the front sight.  The rear sights are adjustable up and down, right and left. 

Cleaning the GP100 is a snap.  The instuctions for break down are clear and easy to follow and there are only a few steps to cleaning the gun.  The stainless steel frame is a piece of beauty all by itself.

In closure, obviously this gun is not made for concealed carry but it is a good, solid gun for home defense.  As Ruger put it "This gun is made for shooting".  Try a GP100 and you won't be disappointed.



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