Let's Stop The U.N. Gun Treaty Before It Stops Us

All of us gun owners enjoy our gun rights or what is left of them now.  It is a constant struggle to defend those rights.  Not only is it a battle to defend  gun rights but it is our duty.  We often take for granted the few liberties we still enjoy in relation to our guns.  In some ways we have made great strides to regain some gun rights.  As of right now 49 states have "right to carry" laws.  I know you can guess the one state that does not have right to carry yet. 

Right now the government is trying to make it so it has to be reported if I , a law-abiding citizen, purchase 2 or more .22 caliber or larger rifles at one time.  So let's say there is a sale on .22 rifles and I decided I want to get one for each of my grandchildren.  I have 4 grandchildren so I would end up on some federal database. 


It's bad enough when our governments starts playing with our gun rights but when the United Nations starts getting into our gun rights I draw the line.  We need to ensure that the new treaty that will be proposed in 2012, the "ATT", will not include any civilian guns or gun rights.  I don't do this this lightly because I did not start this website to speak politics but sometimes politics just won't leave us alone so we have to deal with it.  I am asking you to contact your senator and urge them to sign Senator Moran's letter to the President opposing an Arms Trade Treaty.

Come on Gals it's time to stand up to the challenge and protect our gun rights..........

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