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I know I have talked about this subject to the point of you wanting to pull your hair out, if you are a regular visitor.  The fact of the matter is that it is an important enough topic to keep coming back to it.  If you do not make time to go to the range you will  not be efficient or proficient with your gun!  That's the bottom line.


The more time that goes between your range time the less proficient you become.  Your reflexes will slow, your draw will loose the fluency and become rigid and machanical.  Gun ownership comes with a lot of responsibility and part of that responsibility is to remain proficient with your gun. 

Basically it is a matter of do you want your gun for a show piece?  Is it used for a paper weight?  Does it just stay locked in a safe only to be taken out when Uncle Bubba from Texas comes to visit and want to test it?

And don't forget the gun safety.  The range is the perfect place to remind you of safe gun habits.  When  you are at the range everyone around you will remind you of gun safety.  Gun safety is something that needs to be practiced every day even if you do have your gun locked up.  You need to remember what you do when you have your gun out and what you do when you are preparing to use your gun.

No your gun is your method, your last resort method, of self-defense.  Do you want to really get to your last resort only to find it is of no use to you?  Do you want to find that your gun is jamming or you are so nervous you can't get it out of the safe or even worse you are so nervous you can't even pull the slide when your life is depending on it? 

I would hope that your answer to all of those questions will be NO!  Okay then you have no choice.  You need to make the time to go the range and practice your skills, refine your skills and master your skills.  You need to make sure you know that gun inside out and outside backwards.  You need to be able to use that gun without thinking about how it works but just have muscle memory doing it all for you because you practice so often that your muscles know what they need to do from removing the safety to pulling the slide if you have a semi-auto.

You need to know your gun and your gun needs to know you.  Check your calendar, mark the dates and meet ya at the range.


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