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The addage of practice makes perfect apparently does not apply to me.  I know what I should do when it comes to armed self-defense but sometimes when I review what I actually did it is not what I should have done.  Let's review the last armed defense practice at Stan's Range.

The range visit depicted in the photos was a very cold day for Texas.  I wanted to go on this day because we would be wearing bulky clothes and gloves on our hands.  I wanted to see how well we could funciton under simulated stress with the additional clothing.  

What I found was that the clothing was not as much problem as I thought it would be with the exception of the gloves with my .22 cal.  That is not a big deal because I don't carry the .22 so I don't have to be able to use it with gloves on.  My Ruger GP100 revolver, CZ 82 9 mm semi-auto and my Kel-Tec P32 both worked just fine with and without gloves.

As usual, when at the range, I had an assortment of my guns to test and practice with.  I practice different scenerios - Standing in line at a convenience store, sitting on the couch at home, in my car at a stop sign.

I know what I am supposed to do but now let me show you what I ended up doing.  These are all fine examples of why you should practice even when you think you know what you are doing.

Scenerio 1:  I have been approached by a stranger and am aware of my surroundings.  The person is moving into my comfort zone and I tell them to stop.  They continue to approach me in an aggressive manner:

What do you see wrong in this scenerio?

  • I let the person get too close
  • I should have been moving backward when the person continued after being told to stop approach
  • I should have moved my arm into a defensive position to protect my face and head while moving. 

I am finally moving away from the agressor and have pulled my weapon.  What do you see wrong with this picture?

  • I am only looking forward. 
  • I did not scan to see if there are additional aggressors
  • I extended my gun to early I am still within reach of a person with a long stride
  • An agressor with a long stride could be on me and take my extended gun if I am not immediately firing upon drawing (which I was not)

What's wrong with this picture?  It's easy to see this one.  My gun jammed, the .22.  I have been lucky to this point to have never had any of my carry guns jam during a practice but it can happen and this practice gun reminded me of what can happen and what you need to be able to work through.

  • My gun jammed and I stopped moving when I attemped to clear the jam (this was not staged I actually made a stupid error like that even though I know better)
  • I lost sight of my surroundings

Now let's look at how I should have handled this scenerio....

I am already starting to step back as the person is approaching me and have my gun drawn but to my side.  This is better but what have I still done wrong?

  • I am still too close to the aggressor
  • I still did not move my non-gun hand to a protective position.
  • I still do not appear to be scanning my surrounding
  • I did not lower my profile to make myself a smaller target.
  • I pulled my gun but did not put it in a usable position to my side and aimed at the aggessor.
  • If you are pulling your gun you better be ready to us it as you pull it!

This is much better.  I have enough distance between me and the agressor that he can not easily get to me and grab my gun away from me.  I have already begun firing while I am scanning for cover and additional agressors and I am on the move while I am doing this.  I continue to fire while I seek cover as long as there is a remaining threat.

Here I have experienced another jam but I continue to move and scan while I fix the jam with slap, rack, bang.

Now I have located cover and am drawing my gun in as I continue to survey the situation. 

Finally make it to cover and continue to fire until the threat is gone.

You never know what the scenerio will be when and if you find yourself in a postion that you must defend yourself again bodily harm or death.  You must be prepared and you will only be prepared if you practice and practice a lot!

When you go to the range to practice your live fire self defense take a friend and have them review what you did openly and honestly.

As always, be sure to use all your sfe gun methods when practicing at the range or any where else.  Always be sure to communicate with the other people you are on the range with and always keep your gun pointed in a safe postion.

Part two to this article series will review the do's and don'ts of a conveniece store senerio.



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