Armed Home Defense Part I - It's More Than Just A Gun

It's More Than Just A Gun -

It's a super cold day in Texas today with some wet kind of sleet coming down.  This is not the type of weather you really want to be out at the outdoor range practicing your home self-defense.   Being stuck inside doesn't mean the whole day is wasted.  This indoor weather is the best time to do two things. 

  • Do a home security check
  • Practice your armed home defense

******Disclaimer - I am not an expert on any subject matter.  The below information is simply information that is being shared with you on tips and techniques that we use to protect ourselves and our families. 

****Please check the laws in your state.  Home defense and self defense laws differ in every state.  Any self defense articles written on this site are based on Texas law.

Yeah, I have been saying for a while that you were going to come up with a home defense plan.  Well, today is that day.

Gather your family up and have everyone participate in the this discussion.  Even the younger children and those with special needs can participate to some level because they could be in the situation where they will need to know at some point.  You want them to know, remember and act.  The key when involving children is to make it as simply and non-threatening as possible.  You don't want to scare the kids you want them to feel secure that in an emergency everything will be all right.  If everyone is prepared the chances of "everything being alright" are much greater.

Now have everyone go around and look at the house.  It's cold outside, so let's just do inside today and we will do outside on another day.  You can include outside things that you can see from your windows and things that you just know exists if you choose but make sure you do the outside home defense inspection on a day that you will take time and slowly examine your outside area around your home and your home itsself outside.  We recently cut down a tree in the front that after much discussion was determined to not provide shade but did provide a hiding area for an intruder and also prevented a clear view of the street and part of the driveway. 

What is everyone looking for in the house when they are looking?  They are looking for week points in the house.  This includes your doors and locks.  If your front door is not a solid door you may want to think about having it replaced when you can afford it.  Is your door frame firmly anchored into the house frame with minimum 3 inch screws?  Ensuring your door frame is well anchored is probably one of the least expensive things you can do to improve your home security. 

Do you have a storm door or security door (the kind with bars on it)?  It's just another layer of defense that an intruder would have to get through when trying to get into your home? 

Do you have deadbolt locks on your door.  If not,  that is an inexpensive thing that you can do immediately to help strengthen your home defense.  As with anything, don't go too cheap on the deadbolt because you get what you pay for often.  You want a good quality, excellent reviewed deadbolt.  If you have children and you get a deadbolt that requires a key inside make sure the key is accessible to all in the house.  You wouldn't want to have an emergency and not be able to find the key to get out.  Check state laws also.  Some state and local ordinances do not allow for deadbolts that require a key inside to be used in homes with younge children.

Examine areas of your home where an intruder is most likely to get into your house.  Now, ask yourself what you can do to prevent it or deter it.    There are very inexpensive alarms that you can put on your windows that will alert you to unwelcome visitors entering through the window.  Similar alarms can be purchased for your front door.  You can set the door alarm to chime during the day and to alert at night.  Believe me the alarm is extremely ear-pearcing loud and will wake you.  I believe this alarm shown cost us less than 20.00 and has been in place for well over a year with no problem and is tested practically daily.

As you are inspecting make yourself a list so you won't foret later what you need to do.  when you are done look at your list and prioritize what you need to do first.

Now comes an important part that everyone in the family needs to know.  Pick a code word.  Don't make it the word you use to pick your kids up or any word that is used for another purpose.  Use a word or phrase that will mean something to everyone in the family.  The word or phrase will be used only for emergencies when you believe there has been a home invasion and the whole family needs to put your plan into action.  You will also need an "all-clear" word so when the situation no longer exists everyone will know it is clear simply by the code you give.  They will know that if you use any other phase or word or even if you say "all-clear" it is not unless you have said the code word.

Okay now take the tasks listed above and work on those.  We will add to these in part 2 so have  your list and code words ready.......

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