Interesting gun tips, facts and myth busters

Tips, Facts, Myths and Old Tales -

Tip 1:  Printing - Printing is the outline of your weapon showing through your clothing or purse.  Most states that allow for concealed carry do not allow for printing.  Printing can be prevented by purchasing a holster that prevents printing by hiding the shape of the gun.

 Tip 2:  If your target is low then you go low.  This tip relates to hand guns.  It may seem simple where you hear it but I have seen it many times at tactical ranges, a person will stand there firing at a low target while standing.  If your target is low then drop to one knee and bring the target into sight.  It works like a charm.

Myth 1:  You should not carry your concealed weapon with a round in the chamber.  You should just wait and chamber a round when you need it.  This is False.  You should have a round chambered before you need to draw your weapon.  The chances are in your fear and anxiety you will not be able to chamber a round quick enough.  When we are nervous or scared our coordination is affected and you will definitely be nervous and scared when you are forced to draw your gun.  This is according to the USCCA.

Myth 2:  Once you become a decent marksman you really don't have to worry about practice anymore.  Shooting a gun is like riding a bike.  This is False.  You should practice on a regular basis with your primary weapon of defense.  You should also practice with any gun that you may have to fire in an emergency especially your spouses gun.  Practice, practice, practice.  You will find that your marksman ship has lost the sharp edge after only 6 weeks of not target practicing.

Fact 1:  You should know the in's and outs of any gun you many need to use.  This includes breaking down for cleaning and reassembly.  It is important to be proficient at shooting all guns in the house that may be a back up to yours.  In an emergency if your primary weapon would jam or for some other reason become non-functional you will need to be able to use any other in the house that you can reach.

Fact 2:  80% of self defense instances occur within a distance of 10 feet.  So the key is to create distance between you and a would-be attacker.  10% of attacks happen within 10 to 16 feet.  Only 10% of attacks or confrontations happen over 16 feet away.

Fact 3:  Less than 20% of people interviewed that were currently serving time for assault or rape used a gun because they knew the sentence is lighter without a gun.  This means if you are armed you have the advantage.

Fact 4:   Upon attack or when your Adrenalin is high your body will resort back to primal movements.  This means that many of your fine motor skills will not work as you think they should.  It is important to practice usage and tactical training with your handgun until your body memorizes those movements.  In other words you must make all your movement necessary to protect yourself muscle memory.  This will result in your body making the motions necessary to protect yourself without you having to put thought into it.  It will be primal muscle memory.

Fact 5:  During World War II The Russian Army employed over 2,000 woman as snipers.  Only 500 of the 2,000 women survived the war.  One female sniper in particular, Lyudmilla Pavlichenko, had a kill count of 309 to include 39 German snipers.  It's not often you hear about great women shooters.

Old Tale 1:  Your hand guns only purpose is to give you time to get to your long gun.  Tale provided by R.C. Hudgens.






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