2nd Amendment Rights Rally - Feb. 8th 2013

Location - Coryell County Annex 201 S. 2nd St. Copperas Cove

When - 11:00 - 1:00 February 8, 2013

The goal of the rally is to show the face of everyday gun owners like you and me.  It is very important that we show a peaceful representation of gun owners.

There is a national rally this day in every state capital so I decided to have a local rally for those that want to show support but can not make it to Austin or can't take the day off of work.

I have asked Coryell  County Sheriff Johnny Burks to come speak to us.  He has not confirmed at this point but I am hoping he will come and share his support with us.

Please come out and join us.  It is time that we get out from behind the computers and onto our feet to show our representatives, sheriffs and fellow citizens that we mean to keep our rights.  All of them including the 2nd amendment without infringment.

Le'ts show the country that gun owners are not a minority but a majority!  Let's be loud and proud.  Bring your signs and flags.


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