Gun Shows, Gun Prices, Gun Bans and Public Panic

I went to a gun show this weekend.  It's not that I was looking to buy a gun or rifle.  I just wanted to see what the prices would look like and what the general mood of the people going was.  Wow even I was surpised at what I found.

I could tell the mood of the people was different before I even got inside of the gun show.  I stood in a line waiting to pay to get in and people were not chatting lightly but were standing there somber and waiting for the line to move up. 

Oh I figured that it would be really busy because my phone had been ringing off the wall for weeks now with people wanting to schedule concealed carry classes.  Many of those same people are buying thier first guns and many are even looking at buying their first semi-automatic rifle. 

Inside the gun show was packed.  It was like being in a sardine can with sardines of all ages, races and sizes.  The prices, I would say surpised even me, they were high to say the least.  They weren't just double but in most cases the prices were triple and even higher than they were just 2 months earlier. 

People complained of price gouging while they pulled out their credit cards and paid thousand of dollars for a semi-auto rifle that just months ago would have been way under 1,000.00.   Most bolt action rifles were close to the same price but anything that was semi-auto was way jacked up.

Was the price jacking really price guaging?  Or is it simple supply and demand?  There is a threat of a ban and suddenly a large number of people run out to buy a semi-auto gun.  The supply did not increase before the number of people demanding them did.  This is all a part of the free market.  Basically they will charge what the market will allow.  Am I saying that all those prices were fair and there wasn't some overpricing going on?  No I am not saying that because some of it was just pure greed on the part of the seller when you see a Walther handgun going for over 900.00. 

Oh and we don't want to forget magazines.  The prices of magazine considered to be "high capacity" were double and triple in price.  Magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds are what are now being referred to as "high capacity".  They were suddenly in great demand due to the fear of the ban of them also. 

I did a video of the trip to the gun show that can be seen by clicking on the link below.  There is also a link to a video discussing the rights and responsibilities of gun owners. 

It is time to unite and peacefully defend our gun rights.  Look at every other nation that lost their rights to defend themselves and ask yourself if that is what you want for you and your family.  Do you wait until they are banned or do you demand that your rights be left alone?  A right lost is rarely a right received back.  So think long and hard before the only thing you do is buy a new gun or rifle.  Think about what you can do to preserve your rights before they are stolen.

We need to show the faces of the average gun owners.  We need our representatives and the rest of our government to see the "normal" side of gun ownership and the "normal" faces of real, legal, law-abiding gun-owners.  You can do this by participating in the peaceful Million Man (or woman) 2nd Amendment march on February 8, 2013. 

The key is we need gun owners to be calm, cool and collected.  We need them to participate but remain peaceful.  We need then all to stand in unity. 

I will do another article dedicated to it very soon.  There is more to the responsibility of owning a gun than keeping it clean and training.  Those are also very important but it is important to protect your rights or you will have nothing to  clear or train with.

2nd Amendment Rights and Responsibilities video - Click to watch

Gun Show Video - Click to watch 


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