Project Appleseed - Sowing The Seeds Of Rifle Skills

Hey all you Texas women!   The Appleseed project is coming to a town near you.  In fact October is bringing the Appleseed to beautiful and scenic Fredericksburg, Texas.

Normally a lot of emphasis is placed on learning handgun skills but often you will find that very little or no emphasis is placed on the need to learn rifle skills, especially when it comes to women.  The reason why you usually see more emphasis placed on handgun skills than rifles is because handguns are most often associated with self-defense where as rifles are more often associated with hunting.


It is true, in the limited space of a hallway, a rifle could be more cumbersom to manipulate than a smaller handgun but when it comes to accuracy a rifle takes the prize.  I am not going to go into a lengthy argument on the benefits of being able to handle a rifle but I will give you a few reason that rifles come in handy.

  • rifles are much more accurate than handguns due to the longer barrels ( yeah I know they are hard to conceal in your pants)
  • The are accurate at a much farther distance than a handgun
  • They can be used for accurate varmint control (small Calibers)
  • A .22 lr rifle has literally no recoil
  • A .22 lr rifle can be fired without ear protection (practically all you hear is a zinging sound unless you use hyper ammunition)
  • If you really needed to you could hunt your dinner with it.

There are just not a lot of places that offer lessons in rifle skills.  That is where the Appleseed project comes in.  They are an organization that specializes in rifle skills and they are a non-profit organization.  I won't go into all the details of everything that they do but I will tell you that they encourage women to participate.  They encourage women to participate to the point that there is no cost for the 2 day session other than the minimal registration and range fees.

I have been told of how great these Appleseed events are but I have never actually attended one before.  I was of the logic I don't need to attend an Appleseed because I already have rifle skills.  So what do I need to go for?  Well after hearing some people that have gone to Appleseed events I decided that I really do want to go.  You can never know enough when it comes to rifle skills.  Another attractor of the event was the very thought of participating in an event that is not a competion that would involve all that many women shooting rifles.  You will also learn a lot about our unknown American history.

They recommend that you do the event with a rifle that does not have a scope but I don't think they make you remove your scope if you do have on.  You will also need to have at least 1000 round of ammunition for the two days.  This is the main reason that most people will bring a .22 lr rifle to the event.  You can easily afford 1000 rounds of .22lr but not so easily afford 1000 rounds of .223, .308. 7.62 X 54R or what ever else you happen to have that  you would normally shoot.

Don't miss out on this event you will be glad you went.  Click through to the Appleseed project and register now.  If you are planning on attending the women's only event  October 15 - 16, drop us a line so we can meet up at the Appleseed.

I managed to talk my sister into going to the event with me so I think we will be having a blast.  I am sure I will learn more than a few things because I can always use some improving.


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