It's Not Politics - It's The Constitution!

It's not politics - It's the constitution!  It's the 2nd amendment that protects the 1st amendment.  It's not about liberal or conservative!  It's about the constitution! 


I created this website not to be a political vehicle but as a means to share information and the enjoyment of gun ownership for protection and sport.

But there comes a time when you have to take a stand for what you believe in and I believe in our constitution.  I believe in our rights that are granted to us first by God and secondly by our constitution.

At what point do you consider what a government is doing to be tyranny?  Is it when they do what they want and not what the people will?  Yes that could be tyranny.  It is definitely tyranny when the government won't even put their will to the congress but just write their own laws regardless of what the people want!

This is what is happening to us now.  When the President and his henchmen decide that they will just write law that remove our rights and bypass the constitution that our country was founded on - Then it is tyranny! 

It is not a political agenda when you say "Look back at all the other countries that lost their gun rights and see what has become of them".  Look to the past to see what  your future will be if you allow the powers-to-be to steal our rights.  And they are rights stolen when they are taken by force without the consent of the people.  We have a republic for a reason and our government is trampling it. 

It is not the gun or the type of gun that is bad.  It is the people that wield them in terror that are bad.  People kill people everyday by drunk driving and yet we don't ban cars.  We prohibit drinking and driving.  Everyday bad parents kill their children and yet we don't ban stupid parents.  There is no difference when it comes to guns.  It doesn't matter if it is a shotgun or a so-called "assault rifle" if it is in the hands of a person that intends to do harm they will do harm.  Those people will do harm even if they have no gun at all.  Evil doesn't need a gun.  Look at most serial killers in history, they didn't use guns. 

For those people that declare there is no reason for a citizen to have an "assault rifle" I have to say then why do the police need one against a citizen?  The constitution gives me the right to defend myself against tyranny both foreign and domestic.  How can I stand against an assault rifle if all I have is rocks to throw.  Even if I have a bolt action how do I stand against those that have the semi-automatics?  And believe me the criminals won't care what is banned they will have it and they will use it.  Just look to England and Australia and every other country that first gave up just the semi-automatics.  Ask them what they have now?  During the riots in Europe citizens scrabbled to buy bats online because they had no means to defend themselves.

Ask yourself is that what you want for our country?  Is that what you want for yourself?  Is that what you want for your children?

So what will you do?  Will you actually lift up your voice to be heard?  Will you do more than just talk and type?  It is time to march!  It is time to show the true face of gun owners!

There is a Million Man (Person) March planned for February 8th at every state capital across the nation.  February 8th may be too late if the Henchmen decide to go the route of Executive order.  Make signs, get all your friends speaking out. 

Now is the time.  If we do not do it now there may not be a constitution to fight for soon.

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